As MLC Debut Looms, Sixes Social Cricket Is Swinging at Grandscape in The Colony

With the first-ever Major League Cricket match looming Thursday in Grand Prairie, the sport of cricket is catching on in DFW. Sixes Social Cricket, a London-based immersive entertainment concept, opened at Grandscape on June 17 to help North Texans get in the swing of things.

Diehard cricket fans can’t wait for Thursday’s first-ever Major League Cricket match, to be held right here in North Texas at Grand Prairie Stadium. In the meantime, a new immersive entertainment venue in The Colony would be happy to let them—and non-fans, too—get in on the fun of swinging a cricket bat.

Sixes Social Cricket—a dining, drinks, and social cricket entertainment concept—swung in from London to open at Grandscape on June 17. 

The company says it has “seamlessly blended the thrill of cricket with a lively and vibrant social atmosphere,” providing “a one-of-a-kind experience that appeals to sports fans, social butterflies, and families alike.”

Like batting nets. Except with cricket.

An influencer plays in the Sixes net at Sixes Social Cricket at Grandscape [Photo: Sixes]

Sixes’ high-tech immersive simulator nets may seem familiar to many guests who are otherwise unfamiliar with all things cricket. That’s because they’re “styled as batting nets.” But instead of swinging a baseball bat at a baseball, guests swing a flat-surfaced cricket bat at a cricket ball, aiming at targets as “opposing players” appear on a video screen. 

Calum Mackinnon, CEO of Sixes Social Cricket, says he’s seen “incredible support and enthusiasm from the locals since we opened our doors.”

“Sixes was designed to bring people together, create unforgettable moments, and foster a love for the sport,” Mackinnon added in a statement. “We’re delighted to be a part of the Dallas community and look forward to showcasing the passion of cricket to an even wider audience.”

Features multiple cricket nets and a bar and lounge area

Sixes Social Cricket features multiple cricket nets, “allowing players to showcase their skills and engage in friendly competition,” the company said. Non-wicket activities are to be had in the nearby bar and lounge area, which provides “a comfortable setting to enjoy drinks and delicious food while watching the game on large screens.”

Adds to the many immersive entertainment options at Grandscape

The mayor of The Colony, Richard Boyer, cutting the ribbon at Sixes Social Cricket Grandscape with the Sixes executive team. [Photo: Sixes]

Jeff Lind, president of Grandscape—which was named the Most Innovative Retail and Entertainment Project of 2021 at the Global RLI Awards in London—is very familiar with immersive entertainment concepts. The outdoor entertainment, dining, and shopping destination already boasts attractions like Puttery and Immersive Gamebox, and the forthcoming Cosm, Fireside Surf, and Tiger Woods’ PopStroke.

“Grandscape is proud to be the home of Sixes Social Cricket in Dallas,” Lind said in a statement. “The response from visitors has been fantastic, and we’re thrilled to see the venue become a popular destination for both sports enthusiasts and families. We believe Sixes adds a unique and exciting dimension to the entertainment options available at Grandscape.”

Sixes has installed a simulator net at Grand Prairie Stadium

Grand Prairie Stadium will be home to the first-ever Major League Cricket match on July 13 2023. [Rendering HKS-MLC]

Sixes recently added one of its simulator cricket nets to the new Major League Cricket stadium in Grand Prairie (above), just in time for Thursday’s highly anticipated tournament launch. The company said the simulator net will provide cricket fans “with an unparalleled opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of the action, experiencing the Sixes spirit firsthand.”

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