DI People: AECOM, Surgical Notes, Mohr Partners, and More Make Moves

by | Jun 5, 2020
In this weekly roundup of executive moves in North Texas, you'll also find news from TPG, Education Advanced, UTD, Cyber Defense Labs, Apptricity, and more.
ICYMI: What’s New and Next in Dallas-Fort Worth Innovation
You'll find the week's "Forces for Good," resources for entrepreneurs, and the top 10 most-read stories. Plus, Projekt202 is on the grow with a new acquisition, a relocation, and plans to hire.
MyndVR Launches an At-Home VR Solution for Seniors Stuck in Isolation
by | Jun 4, 2020
Seniors can relive amazing memories from their youth, says MyndVR. But the tech solution is not all about entertainment. The spirit-lifting virtual reminiscence therapy can reduce anxiety and depression.
Dallas Invents: 141 Patents Granted for Week of May 19
by | Jun 3, 2020
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: BNSF's railcar towing systems, Dell's software integrity validation using blockchain, Dolby's light spreading with blurring element in projector systems, G-CON's modular, self-contained, mobile cleanroom, Motus Labs' motorized gearbox mechanism, NCH's probiotic composition for animals and plants, NEC's facial recognition system, TI's real-time traffic sign recognition, USAA's methods for detecting and reducing distracted driving, and Zonal Systems' placing of virtual geographic zone markers

The Era of Social Distancing: Polte’s New IoT Wearable Keeps Coworkers 6 Feet Apart

by | Jun 2, 2020
Addison-based Polte is an expert at asset tracking. But in the time of COVID-19, the team realized a solution was needed to track a company's most important assets at the moment: people.
Two TechFW Clients Receive Awards from NASA and the National Eye Institute
by | Jun 1, 2020
DesignPlex Biomedical was given a royalty-free license by NASA to commercialize a new ventilator for coronavirus patients. Nanoscope Technologies got more than $2 million from the National Eye Institute to advance its gene therapy treatment.
top 10 most read stories on Dallas Innovates in May 2020
Dallas Innovates’ 10 Most Popular Stories in May
by | Jun 1, 2020
From Amazon hiring in Oak Cliff to great places to work in DFW and Texas, here are our 10 most-read stories in May.
Managing Madness with a Mentor: Meet Cameron Gawley of Buzzshift
by | May 28, 2020
In this week's 1:1 column, The DEC's Bill Chinn talks with the co-founder and CEO of BuzzShift about developing a strong go-to-market strategy and getting back to the fundamentals.