• Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. 144 patents granted include: Amazon's configuring virtual computer systems with a web service interface to ...

  • One of the most life-or-death missions of any military pilot is identifying threats when patrolling the skies. Today Arlington, Virginia-based Raytheon Technologies annou...

  • Sensor tech that allows concrete to “talk” is now being tested on a stretch of I-35 in Hillsboro—and if the test is successful, it could change testing methods the ...

  • The flexible pH sensor's small size—it's just 2 millimeters long and 10 millimeters wide—makes it possible to incorporate the sensor into current food packaging metho...

  • Many hospitals overwhelmed by the pandemic have dealt with patient medication labeling the old-fashioned way—with quickly scrawled, handwritten info taped to syringes a...

New Handheld Device Can Rapid Test THC Levels in Saliva With 94% Accuracy, UTD Bioengineers Say

by | Sep 22, 2023
Called CannibiSenS, the device can distinguish between THC and CBD. Unlike over-the-counter tests that can detect THC but aren't able to determine its concentration, this device can measure THC levels with 94% accuracy, the UTD team says, reducing "false positive" tests. See who could potentially use the device—and why.
Patented: Lintec of America’s Artificial Muscle Tentacles and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 10 for patents out of 250 metros. 144 patents granted include: Amazon's configuring virtual computer systems with a web service interface to perform operations in cryptographic devices, Bank of America's tamper-evident devices equipped with secure re-image file(s), Cancer Diagnostics Research Innovations' methods for diagnosing and treating gastric cancer using miRNA expression, Knightscope's autonomous data machines and systems, Lennox's occupancy tracking using sound recognition, Lintec of America's artificial muscle tentacles, Probe Technology Services' ccement bond evaluation, Solo Brands' cooking utensil, USAA's community-based digital transaction authentication, VenaResources' adaptive RFID inventory system, and more.
The Last Word: Toyota Research Institute’s Gill Pratt on Using Generative AI to Teach Robots ‘New, Dexterous Skills’
by | Sep 19, 2023
The advancement, leveraging what the institute calls "Diffusion Policy," is said to improve robot utility and be a step toward building "Large Behavior Models" for robots, similar to Large Language Models like ChatGPT which have revolutionized conversational AI.
Edge of Extinction: Pioneering Texas Biotech Colossal and BioRescue Race to Save the Northern White Rhino Species
With only two known living female northern white rhinos left, Colossal Biosciences and BioRescue have joined forces to fend off a looming extinction of the species. At the cutting edge of science, they're harnessing genetic technologies to rewrite the rhino's fate.

Defense Department Awards $30M to Create UT Dallas ‘Energy Storage Systems Campus’

by | Sep 18, 2023
The $30 million UTD-led project aims "to accelerate the transition and scaling of next-generation batteries," while reducing dependence on scarce critical materials. Led by UTD biology professor Dr. Kyeongjae Cho, the initiative will include the construction of a new research facility at the Richardson IQ.
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Patented: Omnitrac’s Blockchain‑Based Hours‐of‐Service System and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas Invents: 152 Patents Granted for Week of August 29. Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 152 for patents out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: Apple's control channel for UE power saving, Avrio Genetics's chemosensory disorder trigger and management system, Brain Games' conducting a game including a computer-controlled player, Cisco's automating and extending path tracing through wireless links, Citibank's microservices anomaly detection, LightSpeed Technologies' light-based heat in an object, Meta's modifying a safety boundary for virtual reality systems, Nike's footwear heel structure, Omnitracs' blockchain-based hours-of-service system, Pratt Corrugated's tamper-evident box, Raytheon's object recognition and detection using reinforcement learning, Texas Institute of Science's hearing aid and method for use of same, and YUM Connect's automated beverage production system.
Plano-Based Orano Med to Collaborate with U.K. Company on Novel Cancer Therapies
by | Sep 12, 2023
“Since the inception of Orano Med, we've recognized the value of collaboration,” Orano Med CEO Julien Dodet said. “In our strategy to develop and deliver 212Pb Targeted Alpha Therapy for cancer patients, we’re delighted to work with Orbit Discovery and leverage its technology and expertise in peptide ligand discovery to build our pipeline of radiotherapies.”