• Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 8 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of April 30, 2024. 128 patents granted include: 7-Eleven’s action detection during image track...

  • The Advanced Particle Detectors in the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment—better known as DUNE—will be about the size of a seven-story building. UTA physicists will...

  • The downtown Dallas Public Library is the only public library in the state of Texas to offer a Patent and Trademark Resource Center from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Of...

  • The flexible pH sensor's small size—it's just 2 millimeters long and 10 millimeters wide—makes it possible to incorporate the sensor into current food packaging metho...

  • Many hospitals overwhelmed by the pandemic have dealt with patient medication labeling the old-fashioned way—with quickly scrawled, handwritten info taped to syringes a...

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UTSW Team Develops New AI Tool To Detect Possible Metastatic Breast Cancer
by | May 22, 2024
The UT Southwestern researchers' noninvasive model uses a standard MRI, paired with machine learning AI, to detect the presence of cancer cells in the lymph nodes under the arms.
USPTO Seeks Nominations for Patent and Trademark Public Advisory Committees
by | May 22, 2024
The USPTO anticipates three upcoming vacancies for each committee. Selected members will serve a three-year term beginning Dec. 1, 2024, and can participate in the committees remotely. Nominations must be submitted online on or before July 5.

Crown Laboratories Is Giving Skincare a Makeover and Replacing Hype With Hope

Dallas-based scientist Thomas Hitchcock, the mastermind behind Crown Laboratories' newest product called BIOJUVE, leverages a common skin microbe to optimize skin health. One local woman, after experiencing the products benefits firsthand in a clinical trial, says she "needs this in her life."

Hitchcock's innovative work harnessing the power of the skin microbiome has established a new category of skin therapeutics.
Dallas’ Arcadia Biosciences Sells ‘Wheat Trait’ to Corteva Agriscience for $4M, Then Sells GoodWheat Brand for $4M
by | May 16, 2024
Two deals announced 48 hours apart have brought Arcadia Biosciences $8 million, including the sale of its "better-for-you" wheat brand, GoodWheat, to Canada's Above Food Corp.
Patented: Wing Aviation’s Automated Assignment of UAVs to Staging Pads and More North Texas Inventive Activity
Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 8 for patents out of 250 metros for the week of April 30, 2024. 128 patents granted include: 7-Eleven’s action detection during image tracking, Accenture’s rendering virtual objects in 3D environments, Advanced Neuromodulation Systems’ neurostimulator output switching circuitry with self-test mode, Bear Robotics’ system and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for controlling a serving robot, Google’s methods and computer program products for providing a contactless protocol, and Huawei Technologies’ supporting multiple border gateway protocol (BGP) sessions using multiple QUIC streams.
Frisco-Based AI & Data Startup Arhasi Gets Strategic Investment, Launches Foundry With Cloudbench
by | May 14, 2024
Arhasi and Cloudbench, a Google partner and leading emerging technology consulting firm, have launched a joint AI and data foundry in Frisco, staffed with experts from top universities. The foundry aims to drive innovation in AI and Web3 technologies.