Hardware Startups Get NEX Level CoWorking Space

Currently, the Deep Ellum space has approximately 15 startup tenants working on things from car seats to wearables.

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Hardware startups have gained their own space in Dallas thanks to Adam Lotia and Michael Menefee, co-founders of NEX coworking space.

The space, which opened in the spring, aims to nurture Dallas hardware startups, according to a Dallas Morning News article.

Lotia told The News even with Dallas’ storied hardware history with companies such as Texas Instruments, the area support for hardware startups is lacking. 

“If I want to create software right now, I could go get my laptop, go get my favorite development environment, create something interesting, and launch it. As a hardware startup, that’s not possible. I need to prototype something. I need space to prototype it. I can build it in my garage, but there’s only so much room in my garage. And I need support for it,” Lotia said.

Lotia told The News, hardware startups have “tremendous potential” as Internet of Things becomes more prevalent. 

“IoT has gotten to the point that non-technical people can now understand it. It’s gotten out of the closet of nerdiness so to speak. … It’s starting to truly make an impact on business in certain ways and without being stupidly expensive,” Lotia said.

NEX is set up in Mark Cuban’s former Broadcast.com location in Deep Ellum. It’s industrial zoning gave it the freedom to build a machine shop and Lotia said Cuban has left “good juju.”

Currently, the space has approximately 15 startup tenants including NoiseAware, WavCatcher, and DroneData. 

NEX boasts next level features including a hardware workshop complete with 3D printers and machine tools, a sound proof recording booth, and four A/V capable conference rooms.

The space offers flexible desks starting at $200 per month, offices starting at $800 per month, and virtual access for $100 per a month.


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