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The Last Word: TCU’s Guy Golan on Why Sharing Online Articles Doesn’t Make People Experts

Researchers at UT Austin published a study in July called "I share, therefore I know? Sharing online content—even without reading it—inflates subjective knowledge." The study, published by the Society for Consumer Psychology, explored how sharing online content affects what people think they know. Turns out, they think they know a lot—which isn't necessarily the case at all.
Cooper Smith Agency Rebrands to Multistory Media, Announces Office Move
by | Nov 2, 2022
Multistory Media is one of only a handful of firms nationwide with a dedicated building products public relations practice area. The Dallas-based firm manages publicity, social media, awards, product placements, and content development for national and international brands. The firm's new tagline: "Building Stories. Building Brands."
UT Dallas Researchers Study How Crowdfunding Campaigns Succeed (and Fail) With Social Media
by | Mar 31, 2022
UT Dallas marketing professor emeritus Brian Ratchford and his team explored the effects of social media on crowdfunding across nearly 440 GoFundMe campaigns.  They found that social media is most helpful in the first 10 days of a campaign. “If a campaign doesn't do well at the outset, it is unlikely to succeed,” Ratchford said.
Find Me In the Club(house): Here’s Why You Should be on Social Media’s Latest Phenomenon
by | Mar 31, 2021
"It's going down." The newest audio only app, Clubhouse, has taken social media by storm with its big-name visitors and exclusivity. Here's how you can get started, courtesy of some hot tips from PR maven Leah Frazier.

Meet the 19-Year-Old Texas Native Who Went Viral on TikTok With Advanced Science Videos

by | Oct 1, 2020
Known to 500K fans by @Mags4Science, Maggie Burruss is working to pioneer the idea that STEM is for everybody, no matter your education, identity, or background.
#GivingTuesdayDFW: United Way and UTD Expand Business for Good Program to Enhance Social Media
by | Nov 26, 2019
For its second year, the Business for Good program is adding digital campaign development for local nonprofits in advance of #GivingTuesdayDFW on Dec. 3.
Poo~Pourri and Put New Couples at Ease in a Cheeky Co-Branded Campaign
by | Sep 24, 2019
The infamous Poo~Pourri girl and’s Captain Obvious team up for #FirstPooWithBoo to address an important issue for new couples: bathroom use on their first overnight trip together.
Innovative Spaces: Canopy Dallas Uptown Features High-Tech Food Service, Memorable Views
by | Nov 28, 2018
Stellar views, a kitchen running on CMI technology and infrared heat, and locality make the lifestyle-forward hotel an 'energizing, comfortable stay.'

Tacky Box Hackathon to Focus on Anti-Cyberbullying Solutions

by | Feb 23, 2018
"Hack the Bully," calls upon hackers to create an online tool diminishing the power of cyberbullies by helping victims and raising awareness of the issue to bystanders in the community. 
Vector illustration - heart, like social button with red heart.
North Texans Launch Talent Agency for Fashion Influencers
by | Feb 14, 2018
Estate Five will focus on representing a wide range of talent, something its leaders feel the larger agencies have lacked thus far, according to Business of Fashion.
Dallas Company Launches First Social Media Index for Esports
by | Nov 15, 2017
MVPindex will now track, measure, and value the social media impact of approximately 2,500 esports leagues, tournaments, teams, players, and games.
Jared Skinner and Shama Hyder
Dallas Architecture Studio ‘Bakes’ Marketing Into Physical Design
by | Sep 27, 2017
MADE partners social media marketing pioneer Shama Hyder and architectural designer Jared Skinner to work at the intersection of marketing, technology, and the physical environment.

Photomadic Clicks with Social Media, Marketing Platforms

by | May 6, 2016
Photomadic isn't your grandfather's photo booth, it's much, much more.
Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines Takes Social Media to New Heights
by | Mar 11, 2016
Southwest Airlines has more than 30 employees working to keep the airline’s Twitter and Facebook accounts live, active and responsive 24 hours a day, seven days a week.