The Last Word:’s Teresha Aird on How Using ChatGPT Is Like Making a ‘Dream Hire’

“It’s like having an in-house data analyst or data scientist available around the clock.”

Teresha Aird
Co-founder and CMO

.…on on how using ChatGPT is like making a “dream hire,” via Business Insider.

Teresha Aird

Aird has used ChatGPT for her work with Dallas-based, and she’s a believer.

“ChatGPT has been a game changer for my business and family life,” she told Business Insider. “As a busy CMO, a mom of two, and the owner of a business that provides online-office rentals throughout the U.S., my time is precious.”

ChatGPT helps Aird streamline routine tasks, from nurturing client relationships to increasing her communication capacity. “This frees me up to focus more on strategic thinking and high-level decision-making—as well as spend more time with my family,” she said. But it also helps her think big.

If you haven’t gotten on the ChatGPT band wagon yet, Aird has some tips for getting started.

“Start small, and focus on the areas of your business that could benefit the most from leveraging AI,” she tells BI. “A few areas include lead generation, client communication, scheduling, and even data analysis.”

Then, think more blue sky, she says. 

“I highly recommend having a play around with ChatGPT’s capabilities and brainstorming possible, even far-fetched applications for your business. With experience, you can discover new and innovative ways to harness ChatGPT to drive sales, improve customer relationships, and grow your unique business.”


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