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The Last Word: StaffDNA’s Sheldon Arora on Filing 26 Patents To Safeguard New Platform Tech

by | Jun 2, 2023
Plano-based StaffDNA—whose staffing platform helps healthcare workers manage their careers by finding temporary and full-time positions—has announced the launch of new integrated platform technology. The company says its new tech "transforms the staffing ecosystem for candidates, agencies, and clients" in the healthcare industry. And beyond it, as well, for "global use cases across all employment verticals."
The Last Word: Smokey John’s Brent Reaves on How Restaurants Pick Their Locations
by | Jun 1, 2023
A location can make or break a restaurant. So how do spots get picked for some of DFW's favorite eateries? Five Dallas-area restaurateurs talked with D Magazine about pinpointing their places, including Brent and Juan Reaves; Sawsan Abublan, co-owner of Shawarma Press; Tanner Agar, co-owner of Rye and Apothecary; Jon Alexis, the force behind TJ’s Seafood, Malibu Poke, Escondido, and Ramble Room; and Khanh Nguyen, who brought us ZaLat Pizza and DaLat.
The Last Word: Why Six Flags Will Become the First Theme Park to Use Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ Technology
by | May 31, 2023
Arlington-based Six Flags Entertainment wants to make it easier for its guests to buy food and drinks in a frictionless way. So it's partnering with Amazon and Coca-Cola on a joint venture to pilot Amazon's Just Walk Out technology at a New Jersey Six Flags theme park beginning June 1. 
The Last Word: Dallas Jackals’ Rodd Newhouse on How Rugby Can Succeed in DFW
by | May 30, 2023
You'd think that Newhouse, who grew up in a football-focused home with the 12-season Dallas Cowboys fullback Robert Newhouse as his dad, would have eyes only for the NFL. But Rodd always had a thing for the sport of rugby, according to the Dallas Business Journal's David Moreno—preferring the helmet-less brawn of muscular scrums where a "try" is scored when you touch the ball down in the "in-goal" beyond the goal line. 

The Last Word: How LTK’s Amber Venz Box Launched Her $2B Company with $236

Dallas-based LTK helped create the creator economy when it launched in 2011, launching a new category that monetized Instagram and allowed lifestyle creators to become entrepreneurs. It was valued at $2 billion just 10 years later. But when Venz Box first started the company, she had only $236 in her bank account, according to Fortune Magazine.
The Last Word: Why the NYTimes Says ‘Dallas Is the New Dubai’ of Luxe Restaurants
by | May 23, 2023
If you want a seat in some of Dallas' hottest new high-end restaurants, you'd better get in line. And according to the New York Times, that's just what some of the top restaurant groups in the U.S. are doing as put Dallas at the top of the list for their expansion plans.
The Last Word: Tactical Fleet’s Chris Barta on How He Got Into the Supercar Sales Business
by | May 22, 2023
Tucked away among blocks of warehouses in Farmers Branch, an address without a sign offers no clues of the treasures within, which would make any supercar fan salivate—if they don't pass out from sheer overwhelmption. It's the 75,000-SF HQ home of Tactical Fleet, America's largest pre-owned supercar dealership, where hundreds of Lambos and stacked-to-the-ceiling Porsches and Ferraris glitter with the promise of speed.
The Last Word: Frank Zaccanelli on Renaming NexPoint’s Plano Life Sciences Project the ‘Texas Research Quarter’
by | May 19, 2023
In February, Dallas-based multibillion-dollar alternative investment firm NexPoint revealed plans and renderings for a proposed 200-acre life sciences development in Plano that could eventually create over 4 million square feet of lab, office, and therapeutic production space. At the time, the working title for the development was the TxS District, short for Technology x Science. But today NexPoint announced that the project has been renamed as something bigger and bolder: the "Texas Research Quarter," or TRQ.