UTA Researchers Create Software to Prevent AI-Generated Scams

by | Jul 18, 2024

Almost everyone is concerned about online scams that seek to drain people’s bank accounts or steal their identities, and with the increasing presence of artificial intelligence in our lives, that concern has taken an even more dramatic turn as cybercriminals have been using the technology to design scams.

Now, researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have developed software they said prevents artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots such as ChatGPT from creating phishing websites....

Abu Dhabi’s G42, Which Is Building an ‘AI Supercomputer’ in Dallas, Gets $1.5B from Microsoft
by | Apr 16, 2024
As UAE-based G42 nears the launch of a game-changing AI supercomputer in Dallas, it's been doubling down on its long-standing collaboration with Microsoft. Now Microsoft is going in big with a 10-figure strategic investment in the Abu Dhabi technology holding group.
Big Demand Meets Tight Supply: JLL’s 2023 North American Data Center Report
by | Feb 29, 2024
If data centers are the bricks holding society together, then the power that operates them is the mortar, according to JLL’s new H2 2023 North American Data Center Report. Here's why demand has stayed strong, why supply has tightened, and why ChatGPT uses "roughly as much power as 33,000 households."
The Last Word: Dallas AI’s Aamer Charania on the Promise—and Perils—of Artificial Intelligence
by | Jul 17, 2023
Sunday was national AI Appreciation Day, so to mark it, the Dallas Regional Chamber did a Q&A with Charania and Babar Bhatti, co-founder and EVP of DallasAI, a nonprofit forum to accelerate learning and adoption of artificial intelligence.

Milagro CEO: How AI Is a Key Ingredient in the Recipe for Restaurant Success

by | Jun 26, 2023
Milagro Corp. is readying for the transformation. Its latest move adds an OpenAI's ChatGPT integration for data access and enhanced user interactions. In the next 12 months, the CEO said, "the entire restaurant industry will change as we know it." Milagro its proprietary restaurant software captures actionable data that allows restauranteurs to maximize customer data through personalized messaging, turning data into a direct increase in revenue.
Dallas-Based AT&T Develops ChatGPT-Based Tool To Boost Employee Effectiveness
by | Jun 22, 2023
AT&T says it's "super excited" about the potential of generative AI systems, and points out that it's far from late to the party. In fact, AT&T researchers actually played a role in giving birth to the term "artificial intelligence"—way back in 1955. See what AT&T is using ChatGPT for, and how it's guarding against both misinformation and outside hackers.
Lewisville’s RedCritter Launches AI- and ChatGPT-Powered CritterCoin for Student Tutoring, Engagement, and Rewards
by | May 18, 2023
To support positive schoolroom behavior while making learning fun and (literally) rewarding, RedCritter's new AI- and ChaptGPT-powered product suite enables students to do lots of things. Like interviewing a historical character. Receiving personal tutoring on any topic. Learning a language, learning to code, and more.
Mass Luminosity’s New AI‑Infused Video Communications Platform Takes on Zoom and Teams
by | May 17, 2023
Founder Angel Munoz says work with OpenAI helped give Beacon MAX advanced features like real-time translation in eight languages.

The Last Word: NTT DATA’s Aaron Millstone on Why Workers Need to Master AI Language Models

by | Apr 6, 2023
Plano-based NTT DATA is out with its annual Innovation Index research, which calls out "increasing investments in employee skills and experiences to build and retain a more modern workforce." The research also looks at the importance of "creating high-quality employee experiences," an increased focus on "business resilience," and more.
The Last Word: UTD’s Dale MacDonald on How AI Chatbots Could Impact Your Job
by | Mar 29, 2023
MacDonald was part of a panel discussion at UT Dallas, in partnership with The Dallas Morning News, aimed at clearing up misconceptions about ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that’s gone viral. The panel featured four UTD scientists—Xinya Du, Gopal Gupta, Dale MacDonald, and Jessica Ouyang—and was moderated by Adithi Ramakrishnan, science reporter at the DMN.
Elon Musk, Other Tech Leaders Call for 6-Month Pause on the ‘Dangerous Race’ to Giant AI Systems
by | Mar 29, 2023
The request was made in an open letter signed by major players including Elon Musk, co-founder of OpenAI, the lab that created ChatGPT and GPT-4; Emad Mostaque, founder of the London-based Stability AI; and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. More than 1,000 artificial intelligence experts, researchers, and backers signed the letter, including academics from UT Dallas.
The Last Word: Fort Worth’s Pindar Van Arman on AI Art
by | Mar 17, 2023
Van Arman is a Fort Worth-based artist and roboticist who's developed robots that "use deep learning neural networks, artificial intelligence, feedback loops, and computational creativity to make a surprising amount of independent aesthetic decisions." But Van Arman insists that he is the artist—not his robots.