Power Drop Plugs Into DFW with Phone Charger Vending Machines

The devices can be thrown away once they have been fully used by the customer.

If you’re at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco and your cell phone battery is low, now there’s a solution if you didn’t bring a charger.

Power Drop announced that it has launched phone charging vending machine kiosks in the mall that sell single-use, recyclable phone chargers.

It has located the machines in high-traffic areas and will be supported by manufacturing partner, The-Venders, according to a release.

One kiosk is on the second floor in the center walkway near the food court, the company said, while the other machine is on the first floor near the Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The kiosks are designed with graphics to immediately let people know what the machines provide.

“Potential customers will know exactly what our machines are selling.”
Joe Menichiello

“Potential customers will know exactly what our machines are selling,” Power Drop Managing Director Joe Menichiello said in the release. “We are constantly trying to optimize our exposure and sometimes less verbiage and more visuals we believe will make more of an impression.”

Here’s how it works:

After the puchase is made via credit card, the kiosk dispenses a pre-packaged 1200 mAh Apple/iPhone Lightning as well as Android Micro-USB disposable phone chargers that can be plugged into the customer’s cell phone.

Once it is fully used, the charger — which has a biodegradable shell — can be thrown away.

Power Drop said it will deploy 15 more machines within the next 30 days across North America.

“We expect sales of this unit to continue to surge as the cell phone market (over 6.8 billion devices in use in the world) provides an almost limitless potential customer base,” Menichiello told Launch DFW.


The charger plugs into the cell phone. [Photo courtesy of Power Drop]


Once it is fully used, the Power Drop charger — which has a biodegradable shell — can be thrown away. [Photo courtesy of Power Drop]

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