Dallas-Based Honeycomb Launches New Tech to ‘Power the Future of Office’

Honeycomb's technology offers operational ease for both buildings and tenants. The commercial version of its software is designed with a post-pandemic world in mind, sticking to a dominating force that's driving the real estate market: flexibility.

Honeycomb, an integrated operating platform designed for office buildings, has released a commercial version of its software that’s meant to power work environments of the future.

Experts say that office buildings are currently being driven by a dominating force: flexibility. As more corporate office users begin to move toward smaller locations with shorter leases, Honeycomb saw a way to offer a single solution for a company’s entire workforce—no matter where they’re located.

Honeycomb’s technology aims to provide operational ease for both buildings and tenants. The software company integrated all legacy systems—parking, access, energy, visitor management—into a single platform, one that can be shared across a network of buildings.

“When you think about it, coworking was the market response to the demand of smaller tenants looking for lease flexibility. In 2020, corporations are now seeking broader operational flexibility to accommodate employees and the sharing of resources across locations,” Honeycomb Founder D’Arcy Young said in a statement. “We built Honeycomb to be the keystone technology to power flexibility from the suite level to the entire building and across a portfolio.”

Founded in 2017, the Dallas-based software hub was already offering a proprietary operating platform for managing real estate infrastructure. Designed around ‘modules’ that are deployed in conjunction with existing infrastructure, the company’s end-goal was always to create an efficient work environment. 

But, office tenants these days are rethinking their real estate strategies.

Now, Honeycomb wants to provide a seamless user experience from one location to the next. Its software hub unifies a building’s technologies into one application, which Honeycomb says is mobile, user friendly, and easy to manage.

According to the team, aggregating all operational technologies into a single platform makes it easier for building tenants and their employees to use. Also, the data generated from this kind of system allows building operators to find ways to lower expenses and generate more revenue.

“Think of Honeycomb as Alexa for work environments. It puts the power of an entire building at the fingertips of its users,” Young said. “It opens garage gates, directs parking, calls elevators, turns on lights, reserves conference rooms and makes payments easy. The true power of the platform is that same experience can be provided to the user no matter what office or building they visit. That is the future we have built.”

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