Invention: A Dozen Top Stories from 2018

In an annual tradition, we look back on Dallas Innovates’ most-read stories in each of our buckets of innovation: Startup, Invention, Education, Social, Creative, and Enterprise. Here’s a roundup of the “Top 12” in Invention for 2018.

Bucket Invention

As we move into 2019, we’re reflecting on the invention stories behind the people and places that grabbed our readers’ attention this year. From machine intelligence (Hypergiant) to AI tech (EdgeTensor) to award-winning providers (PRG), our most popular stories spanned the vast range of inventions being created in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Here are the 12 most-read stories on for 2018.

1. Smarter, Stronger, Savvier: 5 Companies Pushing Innovation Boundaries

From Dallas to Plano, large corporations are using technology to change how they serve customers and outplay competition.


The Blue Cross Blue Shield C1 Innovation Lab in the West End historic district in Dallas.

2. Fort Worth Startup Harnessing Nanotech to Increase Crop Yields

SolGro’s special greenhouse material uses nanotechnology to convert incoming sunlight from all colors of the spectrum into red and blue light.

SolGro SolGro Founder and CEO Tyler Sickels holds crop yields from a pilot testing site in Colorado.

SolGro Founder and CEO Tyler Sickels holds crop yields from a pilot testing site in Colorado. [Photo: Courtesy SolGro]

3. Concussions: Retired NFLers, Head Injury Patients May Benefit from New Brain Health Initiatives

A Syracuse, New York-based biosciences company bringing its innovative brain assessments to North Texas is just one example of the latest brain health initiatives in the area especially focused on the lasting consequences of concussions.

BrainHealth iStock

[Illustration: Natcha29/iStock]

4. Master Minds: North Texas Idea Generators

These North Texas innovators are making a name for themselves, in areas from startup to enterprise and creative to education.

Idea generators in North Texas

[Illustration: kmlmtz66/iStock]

5. A Look At Dallas’ Rise As a Neurostimulation Hub

DFW hasn’t historically been a medical device or life sciences hub, but in the last 10 years the tide has turned. It has emerged as a center for innovation in bioelectronics devices, sprouting a significant number of companies and research centers specializing in neurostimulation.

Image: Daniel Powell

[Image: Daniel Powell]

6. North Texas Patents on the Rise as DFW Becomes Innovation Hub

“I’m not sure there is a better indicator of economic health than patent activity,” says Polsinelli’s Adam Rehm. Here’s what North Texas is inventing.

DFWA patents on the rise

[Illustration: IkonStudio/iStock]

7. AI Firm Hypergiant Officially Launches From Stealth

The venture from Ben Lamm, John Fremont, and Will Womble aims to serve as “the office of machine intelligence for the Fortune 500.”

R E A D  N E X T

Sensory Sciences: Hypergiant’s New AI Startup Teaches Machines to ‘Learn How to Learn’
Hypergiant Sensory Sciences launched today as an independent company, but with connections to Hypergiant Industries. Founders Dave Copps and Chris Rohde say they intend to teach machines to sense the world more like we do.

Hypergiant Space Age Solutions Acquires Custom Software Studio
Black Pixel, a Seattle-based custom software development studio for flagship brands, will bolster Hypergiant Industries’ portfolio of offerings.

Ben Lamm-founded Hypergiant Names Sample as CTO
As chief technology officer of Hypergiant Space Age Solutions division, C.K. Sample will be responsible for engineering leadership in the enterprise marketplace.

Ben Lamm, Will Womble, and John Fremon

Hypergiant was founded by Ben Lamm (left), Will Womble, and John Fremont. [Photo: John Davidson/Hypergiant]

8. Distracted Driving: EdgeTensor’s AI Tech Keeps Drivers on the Alert

The “edge” in EdgeTensor comes from its use of Edge computing to drive the Dallas-based startup’s technology. That tech includes facial tracking via a low-cost AI software development kit (Face SDK) that uses any camera—such as the camera in a smartphone—to monitor for distracted driving.

Edge tensor

[Photos: Courtesy EdgeTensor]

9. Breakthroughs: High-Minded Discoveries

Monumental revelations are in the hands of North Texas university researchers — and students.

Ted Price

[Photo: Ted Price]

10. Dallas Innovators: Matt Stevenson on AI, Neural Networks & Bina48

Matt Stevenson helped develop the world’s most physically lifelike humanoid robots. Now, he’s working on Bina48 aiming to power the robot with state-of-the-art deep learning.

[Illustration: iStock]

11. How Tech Firm PRG Spotlights Megastars and Won an Emmy (Hint: It’s an Art and a Science.)

Production Resource Group—a global tech provider with R&D operations here in Dallas—is one of five to be recognized at this year’s Engineering Emmy Awards.

The Emmy award-winning GroundControl™ Followspot System has shined down on a number of performers like Florida Georgia Line, shown above. [Photo: Courtesy PRG Marketing]

12. Artificial Intelligence: Experts Tackle Challenges, Ethics—and What Is It, Anyway?

Here’s why every business should have a strategy around AI.

[Image: PhonIanmaiPhoto/iStock]


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