The Last Word: Frito-Lay CMO Rachel Ferdinando Celebrated in Hip Hop Track

Ferdinando, who was feted in a Cannes Lion Award-winning song, was just named president of PepsiCo North America's Canadian food division.

Rachel Ferdinando
Crisp like a Doritos
Flamin’ hot like a Cheetos
Suggestin’ recipes for Fritos

Rachel Ferdinando
.…as celebrated in the hip hop song “Crisp” from the Cannes Lion award-winning “A Song for Every CMO!”

Frito-Lay CMO Rachel Ferdinando is often ahead of the marketing curve. Last year, she told brands how to Innovate or Die. Now she’s being celebrated by a drop on the Cannes Lions Gold Award-winning track list “A Song for Every CMO!” from FCB New York and Spotify Advertising.

Ferdinando gave a shout-out on LinkedIn saying she was “honored to have represented Frito-Lay as part of this campaign to demonstrate the effectiveness of audio storytelling.” Her track “Crisp” can be played on Spotify, featuring lyrics like these:

Rachel Ferdinando
Engagin’ fans, buildin’ brand-os
Orange fingers on the Landos
‘Cuz she’s a super hands-on CMO.

When the voice of Gen Z cried, she detected
Traditional advertising they rejected
So she dug down and found the angle
With the team making magic triangle.

With a bachelor’s degree in chemistry,
She knows the formula for Frito-Lay plus you & me
equals “mmmm-mmm-mmm.”

It’s like fire and ice:
Combine iconic brands with purpose, make history.

Crowd sourcing content that’s flamin’ hot
Risk taker, matchmaker, cream of the crop
Queen of the Cool Ranch, yes she just don’t stop
Poppin’ jalapenos on a 3D-crunchy yacht.

A CMO swan song for the Frito-Lay exec

Ferdinando was recently named as president of PepsiCo Foods Canada as part of several leadership changes across Pepsico North American food and beverage divisions. There, Ferdinando will helm PFC’s human resources, finances, customer development, field sales, marketing, supply chain, IT, research and development, foodservice, and transformation, the company says. Ferdinando joined Pepsico five years ago, after working for Kimberly Clark Corp. and GlaxoSmithKline.


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