Plano-Based Frito-Lay Invests in Its Manufacturing Sites, Hiring Nearly 15,000 Frontline Workers in 2021

The snack company says the hirings are enabling it to meet strong consumer demand—and are filling increased job openings due to Frito-Lay expansions, new go-to-market strategies, and backfilling vacant postings. The average pay for its supply chain employees is $22.48 an hour, with an opportunity in some roles to earn up to $43.32 an hour.

You can’t stop the chips. Someone has to keep them cooking, bagging, shipping, trucking, and selling so we can do our part—which is, of course, munching. So to meet strong consumer demand, Plano-based Frito-Lay today announced 2021 investments in its U.S. manufacturing sites that have contributed to the hiring of nearly 15,000 frontline sales and supply chain employees. 

More than 5,000 roles are actively being filled now through the end of the year, the snack company says.

“Our strategic investments across key manufacturing sites have significantly expanded our capacity to support strong consumer demand,” said Steven Williams, CEO of Frito-Lay’s parent company PepsiCo Foods North America, in a statement. “We’re proud to not only invest in our locations, but also in our people through continuing to provide great jobs with strong wages and benefits to our frontline employees.” 

Steven Williams, CEO of PepsiCo Foods North America [Courtesy photo]

More than 30 manufacturing plants across the U.S.

Frito-Lay has more than 30 manufacturing plants across the country, where it converts everyday potatoes and ho-hum ears of corn into crunchily desirable bags of Ruffles, Pringles, Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, SUNCHIPS, Lay’s potato chips, and other things you can’t eat just one of. 

To keep all those chips rolling out of its plants, Frito-Lay says it has made many “substantial investments” across its business. The snack maker has funded new manufacturing lines and warehouse expansions and improved its distribution network. The goal: Keep all its iconic brands readily available to consumers nationwide, along with emerging Frito-Lay brands like Bare Snacks, Off The Eaten Path, and Popcorners. 

Thanks to all that hiring, the Cheetos can just keep on comin’ [GIF images: Frito-Lay]

Investing in employees with ‘competitive pay and expansive benefits’

Like companies nationwide, Frito-Lay has experienced a “significant increase” in job openings during 2021. The company pegs the increase to Frito-Lay expansions, new go-to-market strategies, and backfilling vacant positions.

That has led to another key part of the company’s investments: offering its employees “competitive pay and expansive benefits.” Frito-Lay says the average pay for its supply chain employees is $22.48 an hour, with an opportunity in some roles to earn up to $43.32 an hour.

Benefits from healthcare to 401k matching to well-being and education programs

Frito-Lay’s benefits packages for hired hourly employees offer a long list of programs, services, and support—including a variety of options for medical, dental, vision, reimbursement accounts, life insurance, disability, legal, and retirement. The latter includes both a 401k with company match to its frontline population as well as a pension benefit.

Employees are also offered a free “Healthy Living” well-being program that allows them to earn up to $300 in rewards each year for taking steps to support their physical, emotional, and financial health.

Education remains another talent attracter. The company has invested in opportunities for scholarships, education assistance for employees, college coach for parents of college-bound children, tutoring and teen driver education. 

“As a company, we know that we only achieve success if we always put our people first above all else. Our employees’ wellbeing is critical to our day-to-day operations and our future growth, and we’ll continue to evolve with our employees at the center,” said Patrick McLaughlin, SVP of human resources and chief human resources officer, Frito-Lay North America.

“For more than 85 years, Frito-Lay has provided well-paying jobs to thousands of Americans and made countless contributions to the communities where our teams live and work,” McLaughlin added.

Job seekers can check out frontline opportunities by visiting Frito-Lay’s employment website

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