Dallas Frontline Healthcare Worker Debuts Reusable Mask Cases

by | Jan 11, 2021
M Case is a collection of mask cases that aims to provide additional protection and sanitization for prolonged use during COVID.
This New Addison-Based PPE Supplier Is Manufacturing and Sourcing From the U.S.
by | Nov 30, 2020
United States Mask was recently founded with the mission to produce "in America, for Americans." In an effort to provide front line workers with easy access to PPE, the company uses materials sourced from the U.S. to make N95-certified masks in a Fort Worth warehouse.
This New Texas-Based BioSecurity Company Is On a Mission to Protect All Businesses From COVID-19
by | Nov 2, 2020
Born from COVID-19, ReturnSafe is a new company that wants to help educational institutions, nonprofits, long term care and nursing home facilities, sport event venues, and more safely open. Its holistic platform incorporates the best breed of technologies, from thermo temperature readings to Bluetooth contact-tracing, to give administrators access and information in the event that an employee tests positive.
An ‘Aviation First’: Dallas-Based Aereos Now Has Certified Built-In Antimicrobial High-Touch Parts for Aircraft Interiors
by | Oct 21, 2020
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the aircraft solutions provider iterated to produce a new line of antimicrobial aircraft interior parts. Antimicrobial technology is built into an aircraft's high-touch cabin and lavatory parts, like tray tables and toilet seats, to protect against harmful microbes.

ActiveOps Launches Free Operations Management Training for Managers Leading Remote Teams

by | Oct 8, 2020
ActiveOps, which has its U.S. base in Dallas, wants to help leaders upskill their virtual management through a new free online course.
Do Animals That Carry Viruses Like COVID-19 Have Antiviral Genes? This UTSW Researcher Wins NIH Pioneer Award and $3.5M to Find Out
by | Oct 7, 2020
John Schoggins is one of 10 recipients for the National Institutes of Health's Pioneer Award. The forward-looking researcher is ahead of the curve, beginning the pursuit prior to the current pandemic.
COVID Killer: This Newly Launched Dallas Company Brings UVC Tech to Consumers
by | Sep 14, 2020
PureBeam says it can completely eliminate germs on surfaces or in the air without leaving a residue—a gamechanger when it comes to areas contaminated by coronavirus.
Dallas Mavs, Stars, and Zoo Team With Dallas County Health for #NTXDoesItRight
by | Jul 31, 2020
The new full-fledged, mask-wearing campaign “could not be more needed in our community,” says creative partner Jackson Spalding.

Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation Vulnerability Index Uncovers COVID-19 Risk Factors in Dallas County

by | Jul 1, 2020
PCCI compares COVID-19 response to fire prevention: There's long-term considerations (where to locate a firehouse) and short-term (identifying active fires). Once those are understood, public health actions can be taken.
GameStop CEO Sherman: Switching to E-commerce Helped Save Bottom Line
by | Jul 1, 2020
GameStop's CEO also talks about how the company is safely reopening its brick and mortar stores given the varying regulations across states and countries, as well as its corporate headquarters in Grapevine.
Chart Shows Rapid In-Office Spread of COVID: Health, Business Leaders Discuss Safest Return-to-Work Strategies
by | Jun 4, 2020
“This is a marathon, not a sprint,” UTSW's Dr. James Cutrell said. “Six months from now, no one is going to say, ‘I really missed that 50-person (in-person) meeting.’”
The Reopening: Texas Emergency Management Division Offers Tips on Easing Employees Back to the Workplace
Nim Kidd, Chief of TDEM, led a discussion on the best practices and procedures for safely returning to the workplace. Here are four key takeaways.

Dallas Physician Launches a Manufacturing Company to Solve the PPE Shortage

by | May 27, 2020
Core Medical Industries LLC, named after the coronavirus, is a new Dallas-based manufacturing company founded to bring medical devices to market—and it hopes to fight current and future pandemics.
Deep Ellum-based MedCAD Goes Live With its PPE Shop
by | May 5, 2020
MedCAD is on a mission to innovate personal protective equipment. Now, some of its products are available online.
A Custom Medical Device Company in Deep Ellum is Prototyping Better PPE to Fight COVID-19
by | Apr 21, 2020
"This mask technology is very, very old," MedCAD's CEO says. "This is an opportunity to innovate."
North Texas Companies Make Masks Their Mission to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic
by | Apr 16, 2020
This Saturday, anyone in Dallas County is required to wear a mask to essential businesses. The work these local companies are doing is more important now than ever.