ActiveOps Launches Free Operations Management Training for Managers Leading Remote Teams

ActiveOps, which has its U.S. base in Dallas, wants to help leaders upskill their virtual management through a new free online course.

U.K.-headquartered cloud computing company ActiveOps, which selected Dallas as its U.S. home base last year, has a new solution for managers leading from a distance during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home order.

ActiveOps has launched a new online training course for operations managers called Leading Remote Operations – Managing at a Distance.

The course focuses on managers “being propelled into new challenges” in light of COVID. The management process automation experts at ActiveOps hope to maintain productivity, quality, and compliance for teams involved in information processing, administration, and back-office activities.

The launch comes at a time when managers are being forced to adapt to scenarios when their team is not in the same environment. According to ActiveOps, most of these companies’ leaders are having to sustain customer service and keep up with new requirements for ensuring staff well-being—from a distance.

“Managers, more than ever, are facing unique challenges,” ActiveOps CEO Richard Jeffery said in a statement. “Productivity expectations continue, the remoteness of employees, and the importance of balancing their own home life when working from home have layered complexity, which demands new skills.”

Leading Remote Operations – Managing at a Distance is a follow-on to the news that more than 60,000 managers and leaders had become certified through the ActiveOps Academy, an online learning platform that features classroom training, on and off‑the-job coaching, and eLearning.

It’s all part of the company’s Active Operations Management (AOM) method, which was designed to professionalize the role of operations management. Through the Academy, managers are able to complete a formal certification route to support the implementation of AOM.

ActiveOps prides itself on conquering operations management. Through its Workware+ platform, the company says the potential of operations is able to be unleashed. Workware+ enables a 360-degree view of a business’ digital and human operations, but simplifies complexity and boosts productivity by 15-25 percent and more.

Those capabilities, according to the company, translate over to remote workers, too.

“We have over a decade of experience helping managers to operate more efficiently,” Jeffery said. “We are opening up this training and the insight from our global activities to a wider audience to equip managers of this new future.”

The training was created by professionals who are responsible for “some of the most advanced back-office management process systems in the world,” ActiveOps said. It can be accessed by registering online. Once the course is complete, participants will be tested to obtain a certification.

Most of the skills focus on virtual management, including: how to measure and control work in a time of change, common concerns for the remote work environment, tips on how to make virtual buzz meetings engaging, and more.

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