Dave Moore has 30 years’ experience in writing, editing, reporting, and analysis. He’s traveled to Bosnia to observe efforts to boost the country’s post-Soviet economy, explored the causes of homelessness in the Rust Belt, and used federal data to pinpoint which cities have the most restaurants per capita. Moore has written for Yahoo! News, Fortune Small Business, and has worked at a variety of newspapers in the Midwest, and at the Denton Record-Chronicle, the Dallas Business Journal and at D Magazine. He was born in Toledo, Ohio, and graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in journalism.
“I’ve been most surprised by the groundswell of individuals and companies who are diving headfirst into new ways of thinking and developing technologies to solve problems or to improve daily life,” Moore says. “I’ve met researchers who developed a simulator that creates thousands of autonomous ‘cars’ to test out a host of traffic scenarios, and tech enthusiasts who debated the need to incorporate ethics into moral framework of artificial intelligence. Yet I have barely scratched the surface of what’s going on around here.” Moore spent his early years asking his mother “why” until she bought him a book titled “Tell Me Why.” Now, he is actually paid to do it. Dave and his Samsung Note 9 have a wife, two children, one leopard gecko, and one gerbil two cats.