Dallas Frontline Healthcare Worker Debuts Reusable Mask Cases

M Case is a collection of mask cases that aims to provide additional protection and sanitization for prolonged use during COVID.

A local frontline healthcare professional has launched a collection dedicated to protecting today’s most valuable item: face masks.

Founded by Luke Mack, M Case is a new Dallas brand that aims to provide extra protection and sanitization for the extended use of masks. The debut features a line of reusable and durable mask cases meant to reduce the likelihood of “lost” masks, assist with storage, and help wearers protect one of the most common items in today’s new normal.

The idea was spurred as Mack—an accessories inventor, father, and healthcare worker—began to see firsthand the impact PPE, and particularly, masks, have had on life during COVID-19. He noticed that even the most stringent people tended to let their guard down in familiar environments or fast-paced situations.

But M Case was also born from fatherhood. Mack found himself continuously playing the game of “Where’s your mask?,” and knew he had the ability to be part of the solution.

He and his team iterated throughout the design process to eventually start creating products that are durable, easy to use, and effective. Available in six styles, M Cases are constructed from lightweight microfiber fabric or durable hardware, and are designed to fit an N95 or other popular styles on the market.

And though some have style—like the “everyday tote” or “out on the town” option—Mack ensures each M Case, at its core, is mainly meant to keep people safe. He even created a case with a UV Sanitizer interior.

“People—especially children—lose their masks, or nonchalantly place them on the table while dining out, or put them down in other unsanitary places,” Mack said in a statement. “With M Case, we’re protecting what matters most. And with every purchase made, we donate a mask case to a child in need.”

M Case is currently available online with its Healthcare Worker Collection, Kids Collection, Mask Systems Essential Collection, and On The Move Collection. Prices range from $5 to $77.

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