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A USAA design workshop. [Photo: USAA]

Design With a Big ‘D’: Design Thinkers Leading the Way

by | Sep 24, 2018
Whether it’s slaying piles of paper receipts at tax time or making shopping an adventure, these Dallas area design thinkers are making their marks in their respective industries. The common thread? Dogged persistence. We talk with four who caught the “experiential wave” early.
James Helm, VP of Design at Intuit [Photo: Intuit]
At the Helm: Intuit VP of Design on Being ‘Design-Led, Through and Through’
by | Sep 24, 2018
Intuit has embraced design thinking, says Intuit VP of Design James Helm. He talks with Dave Moore about the thinking that precedes formal design and how the company retains designers who may get multiple recruiting calls each week.
Don Relyea, head of design at BBVA  [Photo: BBVA]
Money Talks: Don Relyea Takes User Experience to the Bank
by | Sep 24, 2018
Don Relyea — who Incorporated a 19-person core design team to BBVA Compass within a couple weeks — says that the addition of designers to global banking firm BBVA is introducing constructive problem-solving to operations across 35 countries.
My second year (in teaching high school English), things began looking up. I cracked the code and figured out how to motivate students. I had lessons I could improve upon. And I started getting curious — what could the sciences teach me about how we learn? Most of what I read at that time could be classified as pop psychology — secondhand accounts of “brain science” studies. ...One particular study involved our sense of smell and memory. I had been reading Robert Jutte’s 2004 book “A History of Senses,” and I stumbled upon this interesting remark: “Our sense of smell is most directly linked to memory.” Hmm — smell and memory are linked. I began to think how this could be applied to some of our creative writing assignments... Excerpt from “Seductive Interaction Design,” by Stephen Anderson [Sources: Capital One, Stephen Anderson]
Custom Build: An Acquisition and Ties to Higher Ed Led UX Thoughtleader to Capital One’s Garage
by | Sep 24, 2018
Q+A | Stephen Anderson, head of design at Capital One’s Garage, (literally) wrote the book on “Seductive Interaction Design.” He talks about finding talent and how design thinking is applied to daily life.
Accenture’s design and innovation consultancy – Fjord – acquired Austin-based Chaotic Moon in 2015 to help inject gamification and immersive experiences into client business models. [Photo: Accenture]

Design With a Big ‘D’:
Corporate by Design

by | Sep 21, 2018
Design pros help companies such as Walmart, Accenture, Bottle Rocket, Sabre, and more gain competitive advantage. Here are insights for how it works.
Big Design
How the Big Design Conference Came to Be
by | Sep 20, 2018
Big Design co-founder Brian Sullivan shares its origin story.
DFW UX Design
Design With a Big ‘D’: The DFW Experience
by | Sep 20, 2018
Four out of 10 Texas user-experience professionals work in Dallas-Fort Worth. Part 1 of our series explores Dallas-Fort Worth as a UX hotspot.
DFW Innovation Economy:
Economic Grounding in 8 Infographics
by | Sep 14, 2018
Part 9 of our series looks at metrics that help to describe the overall economic stability of the region

DFW Innovation Economy: Labor Pool Talent

by | Sep 11, 2018
Part 8 of our series on the drivers of an innovation economy looks at the single biggest contributor — local talent.  4 charts show how we stack up.
DFW Innovation Economy: Funding the Future in Four Charts
by | Aug 28, 2018
Part 6 of our innovation economy series addresses access to capital — and where we stand.
DFW Innovation Economy: Frameworks for Success in 9 Infographics
by | Aug 24, 2018
Part 5 of our innovation economy series explores entrepreneurial communities and why metros including DFW are increasing efforts to support them.
DFW Innovation Economy: The Entrepreneurial Drive
by | Aug 14, 2018
Part 7 of our innovation economy series explores entrepreneurial communities and why metros including DFW are increasing efforts to support them.

DFW Innovation Economy: Learning to Adapt

by | Aug 6, 2018
Part 3 of our innovation economy series explores the current state of educational attainment and the quality of educational opportunities by metro area. 
DFW Innovation Economy: People Power
by | Aug 3, 2018
Part two in our innovation economy series highlights population growth and talent attraction as a first look at regional innovation potential. Here's how DFW stacks up.
DFW Innovation Economy: Metropolitan Rankings from Trustworthy Sources
by | Aug 1, 2018
The DFW Innovation Economy series by Voices writer Eric Griffin presents a deeper look at criteria for evaluating Dallas-Fort Worth as a global hub for innovation.