Earwax Treatment Hits Amazon, Soon in Pharmacy Chain

EarwaxMD recently made its debut on Amazon, and will hit the shelves of a pharmacy chain in August.


Last year, we told you about Eosera, the Fort Worth-based company that has created a treatment to dissolve earwax.

Called EarwaxMD, the company’s product is sold over the counter for about $20 and it recently made its debut on Amazon.

The company was founded in 2015 by former Alcon employees Elyse Dickerson, who worked in marketing, and toxicologist Joe Griffin.

After surveying medical professionals and testing dozens of formulations on human wax samples, the product was ready to hit the shelves. 

The Dallas Morning News reported that Eosera plans to ramp up production to roughly 36,000 units and will place the treatment on the shelves of a yet-unnamed drugstore chain in August.

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