Joe Griffin

EOSERA Finds Room to Grow at Its New Fort Worth Corporate and Manufacturing Facility

by | Sep 12, 2023
EOSERA's new, almost 37,000-square-feet facility features custom-built manufacturing and office facilities. The new space meets its growth-fueled needs, the ear care products startup said. Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker was on hand for the ribbon-cutting.
Eosera Graduates from TechFW, CEO Joins Its Board
by | Apr 19, 2022
Fort Worth-based Eosera, a biotech startup specializing in innovative ear care products, has graduated from the TechFW accelerator and business incubator—and now its co-founder and CEO Elyse Dickerson is joining the nonprofit's board. Eosera continues to grow and is close to moving into a 40,000-square-foot facility.
Elyse Dickerson: Mentor, CEO, and Leader in Biotech Talks ‘Turning the Market on its Head’
by | Mar 4, 2019
Dickerson became a mentor because she believes in giving back to society. Not only has she helped rising startups, but she co-founded one of her own, Eosera, to help change the face of the pharmaceutical world.
Earwax Treatment Hits Amazon, Soon in Pharmacy Chain
by | May 10, 2017
EarwaxMD recently made its debut on Amazon, and will hit the shelves of a pharmacy chain in August.