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The Future of Medical Education

Posted by Southwestern Medical Foundation

With the amount of technology available today, it’s no wonder medical school classrooms are looking more and more futuristic. In addition to the now-standard use of laptops and high-definition monitors, medical schools are incorporating simulation learning into their curriculums.

UT Southwestern Medical Center, for instance, has a 49,000-square-foot Simulation Center that was funded in part by Southwestern Medical Foundation.…

Benchmarking and Compensation Analysis Are Critical for Not-for-Profit Entities

Posted by EisnerAmper

External benchmarking is a tool used to measure an organization against its external peers or industry norms. Identifying similarly-situated organizations allows not-for-profits to determine where they thrive or lag behind in comparison to their peers.

Benchmarking is crucial for not-for-profits since it provides essential information for effectively developing and implementing strategic plans.…

How AllianceTexas’ Mobility Innovation Zone is Defining the Future of Logistics

Posted by AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone

The mobility and logistics landscape is constantly shifting. From the Pony Express to next-day international delivery, the only constant in logistics is a shift toward speed, reliability and convenience. Innovative entrepreneurs in logistics are always looking over the horizon to understand how to get ahead of the market and create solutions for tomorrow’s demands. 

Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program Inspires the Workforce of the Future

Posted by Capital One

Growing exponentially in its eight-year history, the Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program is helping build the workforce of the future by connecting Plano high school students with companies and nonprofits for paid summer internships.

What started with 32 students in 2014 under the leadership of then-Mayor Harry LaRosiliere grew to 400 student applicants in 2021 as the Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program (PMSIP) continued with new Plano Mayor John Muns.…

The Worker-Employer Relationship Disrupted

Posted by Deloitte

Pandemic and societal pressures accelerated the worker-employer relationship’s evolution. How might the worker-employer relationship evolve to meet the opportunities and challenges of the post–COVID-19 world? Deloitte shares various scenarios in the recently released ‘2021 Global Human Capital Trends: Special report’ as a continuation of their 10-year series on Human Capital trends.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Dentistry

Posted by Erick Cutler

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing new in health care applications. AI can be seen in robotic surgeries, image and data analysis, automation of administrative tasks, and assisting clinical diagnostics. The use of this technology is helping providers offer faster service, more accurately diagnose diseases, and analyze data to identify trends or genetic information.

How To Be a Favorable SPAC Acquisition: Five Key Areas of Consideration

Posted by Nina Kelleher

Becoming a public company through an acquisition by a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) has increased in popularity over the last two years as an alternative to the traditional initial public offering (IPO) route.

Although existing for decades, stable company valuations during recent economic uncertainty have reinvigorated the prevalence of SPACs for companies to raise capital.…

The DEC Network and Capital One Equip Mompreneurs With Business Basics at WEDallas Event

Posted by Capital One

Despite lingering economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, economist Ray Perryman says that the Dallas economy is projected to grow at a rate surpassing the nation in upcoming years, with small businesses playing a major role in that expansion.

Work Smarter, Not Harder:
How Axxess is Leveraging AI for the Future of Healthcare

Posted by Jay Stracke

Axxess is a Dallas Innovates is Silver Founding SponsorThere are many who believe it was Alan Turing, the famous mathematician, who first began work on artificial intelligence (AI). Not only that, but among AI’s pioneers, Turing was the first to posit the technology’s study is most effective through the lens of computer programming rather than machine building.

Deloitte University – Still Driving Innovation Amidst the Pandemic

Posted by Deloitte

A lot has happened since we last talked to Deloitte’s dynamic duo of North Texas about Deloitte University (DU) – Dan Berner and Heidi Soltis-Berner. While Dan is the managing partner for North Texas, Heidi is the managing director of Deloitte University and also the US Corporate Real Estate leader.

Navigating the Future of Media and Entertainment

Posted by Deloitte

After a historic and challenging year in 2020, consumers have become more reliant than ever on media for entertainment, information, and social connection. As consumers have limited time, attention, and money, media & entertainment (M&E) companies vie for their business and look towards one of the next waves of disruption: Generation Z.

Equipping Technology Companies With Information To Be Resilient

Posted by Deloitte

What might be the key influencers for technology industry success in 2021? While cloud computing and artificial intelligence continue to dominate the technology industry, edge computing is also making headlines. Deloitte shares insights in their 2021 Technology Industry Outlook Report on various advantages of processing data locally and how partnerships are expected to play a key role in accelerating growth in the technology industry in 2021.

These Programs Are Inspiring Budding Musicians in Dallas to Pursue Their Dreams

Posted by Capital One

After first trying out soccer, swimming and chess in elementary school, Yasmine Bougacha discovered her greatest passion while playing violin in her school’s orchestra.

“I really liked playing the violin but I remember my teacher telling me I would have to practice more to meet my goal of All-Region orchestra.”…

Perspectives from Deloitte Leaders
Future of Work, Inclusive Leaders and Workplace Strategies

Posted by Deloitte

Over the past months, Deloitte has featured various studies and leaders who have provided insights and expectations about the post-COVID world and considerations for the future, as well as shed light on what the workplace and workforce might look like and the intersection points that could matter most.

Well-Being in the Workplace

Posted by Deloitte

When Deloitte put together its 2020 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends study, well-being was already rising on the organizational agenda, even before the pandemic. The study showed that 80% of the 9,000 survey respondents identified well-being as “important or very important to their organization’s success.”

Lunch, with a Side of History, is Served

Posted by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a Dallas Innovates is Silver SponsorScattered across the Dallas area are several Black small business owners who have very different businesses—but share common goals. Among those goals is bringing awareness about Black History Month by neatly tucking their extraordinary products into an ordinary shoebox—a unique lunch and learn opportunity.

Innovation in Action: How This Local Organization is Creating Sustainable Jobs

Posted by Capital One

The year 2020 changed how we live and work, with many consumer trends taking flight. From food delivery to streaming services, businesses pivoted to prioritize convenience and safety. Michael Thomas, Executive Director of My Possibilities, never envisioned the company his organization acquired in 2019 would soon create products that would become an essential staple for every home and community gathering spot across the country.

Trends Expected to Stand Out in 2021
Deloitte CES Highlights and Tech Trends 2021 Report

Posted by Deloitte

For organizations reckoning with the seismic shifts of 2020, Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2021 reviews the strategies, and technologies that are expected to drive confidence in new planning and implementation during the next 18 to 24 months. So, what will stand out as the key takeaways for a resilient 2021?

Dallas Innovates 2021 Thought Leaders: Alkami

Posted by Alkami

Edited By Akiko Bremar, Talent Acquisition and HR Programs Specialist at Alkami

Alkami builds and delivers the nation’s most innovative digital online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions and banks with over 10M contracted users on its platform. An element of their growth and success—including multiple consecutive years of being listed as one of the Fastest Growing Tech Companies in the U.S.…

Dallas Innovates 2021 Thought Leaders: TaskUs

Posted by TaskUs

Jarrod Johnson, Chief Customer Officer

TaskUs is a fast-growing tech-enabled business services company, delivering customer support, AI operations, and content security services that power the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands. 

High-growth companies and mature innovators rely on TaskUs to support their ongoing quest for success as they strive to create a consistent customer experience, ensure safety, and deliver swift digital transformation as they scale.…