A Fort Worth Molecular Lab is Now Offering COVID-19 Testing

CQuentia's newly validated COVID-19 test can determine if a patient is infected or a carrier—even if they're showing no symptoms.

Fort Worth-based CQuentia believes that the world needs molecular testing now more than ever. Not only can it identify who’s at-risk, infected, or immune to COVID-19—it can help to better manage, contain, and understand the global pandemic.

So CQuentia, a privately held molecular testing and laboratory company, is now offering the testing of patient samples.

This week, the company’s CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) labs became validated for testing COVID-19 caused by the novel SARS-CoV-2. Now, CQuentia’s integrated resources can provide reliable results to hospital and clinic customers in 1-3 days from receipt of the specimen, CEO Alana Meeker says. 

That capability makes it possible for CQuentia to process more than 20,000 samples a month.

The testing uses an automated platform and qualitative multiplexing chemistries. This allows for the simultaneous detection and identification of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid in a patient’s swab specimen. CQuentia says it can tell if a patient is either infected or a carrier—even if they’re showing no symptoms.

CQuentia uses “best-in-class instrumentation employing highly sensitive and reliable chemistries from world leaders in diagnostic assay development.” It followed FDA and CDC guidelines to get Emergency Use Authorization status, which has been given to potentially life-saving diagnostic products during the global pandemic. CQuentia is now categorized as an EUA assay.

Healthcare systems, employers, and government entities can order the test online by filling out CQuentia’s form. Patients can do so too, but the test has to be administered by a healthcare professional. Patients can also buy the test if they have a physician’s signature.

CQuentia continues work on point-of-care test

In addition, CQuentia is working toward validating a serology based point-of-care test that could determine if a patient is immunoprotected (has antibodies in their system) or not immunoprotected (does not have antibodies in their system). It could be vital in figuring out who is at-risk or immune to the virus.

CQuentia expects to have that antibody test available in the upcoming weeks.

The precision medicine firm aims to provide doctors, governments, and employers with rapid, reliable results. Its purpose is to help entities make the most informed decisions on restorative care and infection prevention.

CQuentia says it’s leading the new frontier of genomic testing by delivering personalized healthcare one patient at a time.

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