Dallas-Based SB22 Partners with PICO to ‘Revolutionize’ VR Sports Entertainment Experiences

by | Jul 26, 2023
By leveraging SB22's ability to create immersive and interactive sports entertainment experiences and PICO's hardware and technology capabilities, the collaboration seeks to transform how users engage with VR content, the companies said.
UT Southwestern develops VR training tool
UTSW, UT Dallas Collaborate on VR Training on Handling Violent Encounters in the E.R.
by | Jan 11, 2023
The collaboration has led to an innovative VR training tool that places physicians inside a virtual hospital examination room—where they experience a series of realistic patient encounters. The tool enables physicians to practice proven de-escalation tactics to help these incidents end peacefully.
The Last Word: UTD’s Balakrishnan Prabhakaran on Virtual Reality Tech for Phantom Limb Pain
The Mr. MAPP system uses a laptop, camera, and VR headset to create a virtual 3D model of the user’s missing or paralyzed limb. Wearing the VR headset, Peterson played a series of games where the virtual model of his missing lower leg did things like stomp the floor or burst a bubble.
Plano’s CareAR and Lenovo Join Forces On Wearable Smart Glasses for Enterprise Extended Reality Solutions
Plano-based CareAR, a Xerox-owned service experience management company, is bringing its augmented reality platform to Lenovo’s 5G-enabled wearable smart glasses. That allows field technicians to overlay what they're seeing in real time with interactive tools and instructional content. “We're fundamentally augmenting the intelligence of workers across a variety of industries," says Sam Waicberg, CareAR’s co-founder and president.

Virtually Beautiful: Mary Kay Launches Suite 13

by | Apr 15, 2021
The pop-up digital showroom is a 360-degree, 3D beauty experience
MyndVR to Distribute the ‘Most Powerful Biblical Adaption in VR Ever Created’ to Senior Living Communities
by | Nov 30, 2020
The Dallas startup is expanding its partnership with virtual reality platform HTC VIVE to exclusively offer an immersive VR adaptation of the seven miracles of Jesus Christ to senior communities and older adults isolated at home.
MassChallenge Texas: Meet the Denton‑based Development Studio That’s a ‘One‑Stop Shop’ for VR Training
by | Aug 6, 2020
From the Future tackles tough challenges and high-risk industries with its proprietary virtual reality training software. VR Hololab, which can manage multiple trainees across different locations, is enterprise-ready for licensing.
M2 Studio's Michael Potts uses Spatial for augmented reality and business collaboration. The AR/VR tool can turn any room into a 3D workspace, according to Spatial. [Image: Spatial.io via M2 Studio]
How Augmented, Virtual Reality Bridges the Business Travel Gap in Age of COVID
by | Jun 29, 2020
"It’s clear that augmented reality remote collaboration is the future of business communication," says Dallas-based M2 Studio's Michael Potts. The self-described holographic architect has built AR/VR experiences for Klyde Warren Park, Texas Health Resources, and more. But the technology can apply to all types of businesses.

Coming Soon: Dreamscape’s Immersive VR destination to Launch at Dallas’ NorthPark Center

by | Aug 6, 2019
The new full-sensory experience combines "the emotional power of cinema and the thrill of theme park rides with state-of-the-art VR technology." See what you can expect in our gallery.
‘The Future of Police Training’: SURVIVR Uses Virtual Reality to Prep Officers for the Real World
by | Jun 25, 2019
Founded by a recent UTD grad, VR training startup SURVIVR is working to change how law enforcement trains its officers, while cutting costs and saving lives along the way.
DHD Films Shows Off Group VR in Dallas Showcase
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business graduate Hussain Manjee's company, DHD Films, has partnered up to bring a group virtuality experience to the masses.
Project Runway: New Innovation Officer Tackles Travel Roadblocks at Dallas Fort Worth Airport
by | Jan 25, 2019
Biometric scanning, virtual reality, and augmented reality are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving the airport experience, says Dallas Fort Worth Airport's Chief Innovation Officer.

Infinity Festival Explores Advancements in Virtual Reality and Immersive Tech

by | Jul 24, 2018
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's first Infinity Festival demonstrated innovative technology and highlighted the possibilities of its applications throughout the museum.
Immosis Builds on VR Game Experience to Branch into Apps, Marketing
by | Jul 12, 2018
The UT Dallas-based startup is expanding beyond its roots in VR games, to branch out into marketing and health care apps.
Garland ISD Students Using VR to Aid First Responder Training
by | Apr 2, 2018
Sachse High School is partnering with the fire department to meet real-life training needs for the city.