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Discovery: Reducing Cancer Risk 1 Cup at a Time, Scientist Seeks Clearer Images of Deadly Tumors

Posted by Lance Murray


Whats new, next, and reimagined in Dallas-Fort Worth ResearchI drink a lot of coffee, I admit it. I’m drinking some as I write. A new study from the Simmons Cancer Center at UT Southwestern Medical Center says that might be a

Could NanOlogy’s Nanoparticles Reshape Cancer Treatment?

Posted by Lance Murray

A new pharmaceutical business in Fort Worth is working to develop an advanced cancer treatment based on nanoparticles that are injected directly into tumors.

NanOlogy was formed by Fort Worth-based private investment and development group DFB Pharmaceuticals in cooperation with …

Computer Model Predicts Most Deadly Lung Cancer

Posted by Lance Murray

Researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center have developed a computer model that is able to predict the most deadly lung cancer by evaluating a fraction of the more than 900 differences in shape and structure of cancer cells.

The …