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The Luminary Will ‘Serve as Catalyst’ for Innovation District, Debut Auto-Tint Glass in DFW

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Technology finally has an answer for the afternoon sun that bathes North Texas buildings in heat and, appropriately, the West End will be the first in the region to showcase it.

On Wednesday, Crescent Real Estate broke ground on The …

Fort Worth Lays Foundation for its Smart City Future

Posted by Dave Moore

smart citiesCities are data machines.

Every phone call into dispatch centers generates a digital record.

Same for each water main break, every gallon of sewage treated, and dozens of other events and activities.

What if those terabytes were harnessed to make …

Texas’ First Smart City Traffic Signal System Coming in May

Posted by Dave Moore

smart citiesSystems are “go” for a mid-May launch of Texas’ first Smart City system that will allow drivers to anticipate stop lights, and tell them how long they’ll have to wait for them to change.

Highway engineers got a firsthand peek …

Dallas Takes Step Closer in Becoming ‘Smart City’

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

smart citiesTwo new 55-inch touchscreens and other smart features unveiled in the West End represent a large leap forward for Dallas’ Smart Cities initiative.

The screens, which are part of the Dallas Innovation Alliance’s Smart Cities Living Lab, display points of …

SMU Students Taking Wireless Vehicle Tech to the Streets

Posted by Dave Moore

smart citiesIn urban areas, trips by cars and trucks are often unpleasant (and all-too-familiar) adventures in avoiding accidents, potholes, construction zones, and other drivers.

Researchers at Southern Methodist University are developing technologies that allow vehicles, traffic signals, and even construction signs …

Denton, Richardson, & DeSoto Among ‘Top Digital Cities’ in U.S.

Posted by Dave Moore


The cities of Denton, Richardson, and DeSoto have been named among the country’s Top Digital Cities by Government Technology magazine.

The Center for Digital Government, which collaborates with …

DIA, Envision Charlotte to Collaborate on Smart City Conferences

Posted by Lance Murray

The Dallas Innovation Alliance announced Monday that the DIA will collaborate with Envision Charlotte on “By Cities, For Cities,” a first-of-its-kind series of conferences in 2017 and 2018.

The collaboration was one of three initiatives announced by the White House …

The World is Becoming ‘Smarter,’ But How Can Efforts Be Streamlined?

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris


Piece by piece, the world is becoming smarter, more interactive, and controllable.

Bob Helle talks about how cities need to evolve at the TIA conference in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Hannah Ridings.

Bob Helle talks about how cities need to evolve at the TIA conference in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Hannah Ridings.

Will Dallas Be a Smart City?

Posted by Andrew Sevin

Current predictions estimate that by 2050, the world’s urban population will double. To put this into perspective, imagine adding seven New York Cities to the planet. Every. Single. Day. As our world continues its explosive urban path, it becomes almost …