Carrollton’s Swiss American CDMO To Use LiquiGlide Tech for ‘Frictionless’ Skin Care Container Emptying

by | Jan 17, 2023
Swiss American CDMO specializes in the manufacture of topical skin care products. It announced an agreement with LiquiGlide, inventors of the EveryDrop dispensing platform, to deliver the "frictionless" coating tech for the global skin care market. "If a consumer spends $20 for a lotion, they should get $20 worth from the bottle," says Swiss American CDMO president and CEO Komel Grover.
Waste Removal and Bespoke Sustainability Company CheckSammy Gets $15M Investment
by | Nov 30, 2022
Founded in 2018, CheckSammy's story has its beginnings in Co-Founder and CEO Sam Scoten's realization that there was an increased shortage of landfill space. He also wanted to tackle one of the last unregulated utilities —the waste services sector.  "It's an industry that's long overdue for disruption," said FirePower Capital's Trevor Simpson. 

CheckSammy says it brings greater transparency to bulk waste removal and sustainability services by leveraging data to empower fiscally and environmentally responsible decision-making.
Eco-Conscious Plastics Firm Expands to McKinney, Will Invest $30M in New Facility
by | May 19, 2022
Petoskey Plastics recycles more than 16 tons of plastic annually into consumer and industrial products. The move will cut its delivery time in half for both raw material and finished goods, its CEO says.
How Irving-Based Darling Ingredients Makes the World Greener, from Biofuels to ‘Neutraceuticals’ to Insect-Based Pet Food
by | Mar 21, 2022
Today Darling announced a partnership with Chick-fil-A to convert used cooking oil from all its U.S. and Canadian restaurants into cleaner-burning renewable fuel. It's just one way that Darling—which calls itself "the greenest company on the planet"—delivers sustainable solutions worldwide. From its $1.1 billion acquisition of Valley Proteins in January to its big expansion of the Diamond Green Diesel facility in Louisana in November, Darling is continuing to grow—and get greener.

Revolution Unites All Its Sustainable Plastics Brands Under One Name

by | Jan 25, 2022
Revolution has a unique circular approach to plastics recycling: It integrates all stages of the plastic life cycle at its plants in order to divert plastic from landfills. In addition to facilities across the U.S., Revolution has Texas plants in Mesquite and Kilgore—and executive offices in Flower Mound.
Dallas-Based Arcosa Makes $87M Acquisition That Could Reduce Transportation Costs, Carbon Footprint
by | Oct 12, 2020
The acquisition, a follow-on to another one Arcosa made in January, will expand the company's recycled aggregates platform into the Dallas-Fort Worth market.
Kimberly-Clark ‘RightCycles’ a Giraffe’s Worth of Nitrile Gloves from Dallas Zoo
by | Jul 29, 2019
The zoo estimates it's diverted over 1,000 pounds of nitrile gloves from landfills since 2018. The gloves are shipped out, recycled, and made into eco-responsible planters, chairs, and shelves.
Innovative Spaces: A Walk Through Quest’s Repurposed Corporate Headquarters
by | Jul 8, 2019
Quest connects national clients with zero-waste disposal solutions, and its headquarters in Plano reflect that. It's all about living the brand—from tables made of tires to a grocery crate conference room, the Quest HQ is filled with artfully sustainable features. Take a look inside.

Recycling For A Cause: Re-Teck Turns E-Waste Into Charitable Giving

by | Dec 6, 2018
Re-Teck's three Grand Prairie facilities recycle e-waste—things like computers and cell phones—and donate a portion of proceeds to charities and ministries.
Fort Worth’s First Zero-Waste Salon Will be Featured in ArtsGoggle
by | Oct 19, 2018
Seven models will strut an eco-inspired catwalk, each representing different types of waste being tossed in salons each day. Models will be decorated from head to toe in full recyclables, from paper to plastic.
NanoLeaf Aurora modular light panels can event "dance" to your music. [Photo: Nanoleaf]
See the Future of Home Decor in Dallas Market Center’s ‘Innovation Petting Zoo’
by | Jun 13, 2018
As part of the upcoming Dallas Total Home & Gift Market, retailers and interior designers can experience unique, cutting-edge furniture and decor products that show form doesn't have to be compromised for advanced function.
Alcohol makes you thirsty
Discovery: Here’s Why You’re Thirsty After Drinking Alcohol; Boosting PTSD Treatment; Water Recycling Tech
by | Apr 19, 2018
Scientists and researchers across North Texas are making breakthroughs and discoveries every day. Here are some of the stories of how they better our world.
Fountain Quail

Keller Company Leads Way in Frack Water Recycling

by | Mar 16, 2016
Armed with $40 million in private equity funding, Fountain Quail Water Management is poised to become the leader in frack water recycling.