Carrollton’s Swiss American CDMO To Use LiquiGlide Tech for ‘Frictionless’ Skin Care Container Emptying

Swiss American CDMO specializes in the manufacture of topical skin care products. It announced an agreement with LiquiGlide, inventors of the EveryDrop dispensing platform, to deliver the "frictionless" coating tech for the global skin care market.

"If a consumer spends $20 for a lotion, they should get $20 worth from the bottle," says Swiss American CDMO president and CEO Komel Grover.

Carrollton-based Swiss American CDMO specializes in the manufacture of topical skin care products—and it wants customers to get everything out of the products they buy. Not just results, but all the actual stuff in the containers. So now it plans to use new “slippery surface technology” that allows just that.

Swiss American is a contract development and manufacturing organization with 370 local employees. For over 30 years, it’s used marketplace insight, scientific formulation, and a “quality-driven, lean manufacturing expertise” to deliver products including cosmetics, OTC drugs, and medical devices. 

But for most of those years, there’s never been technology that helps you get all that stuff out of the bottle, jar, or tube.

Zero product waste and cleaner recycling

Komel Grover

Now there’s a solution that does just that, and it comes from LiquiGlide, inventors of the EveryDrop dispensing platform. The non-toxic slippery surface technology eliminates the friction between solids and liquids, with a coating that lets products flow smoothly and fully out. Its key benefits: zero product waste for consumer packaged goods, and much cleaner, less messy empty containers to toss in your recycling bin.

Today, Swiss American announced today a new agreement with LiquiGlide that makes the Dallas-based company the first CDMO offering LiquiGlide’s technology to the global skin care market. 

“We’re excited to bring this technology to the skin care market and are ready to leverage our quality and product safety standards to ensure successful and compliant product launches,” Komel Grover, president and CEO of Swiss American CDMO, said in a statement. “If a consumer spends $20 for a lotion, they should get $20 worth from the bottle. Another great benefit is the remaining packaging is better prepared for recycling in a more sustainable manner.”

50 billion packages discarded each year with stuff still inside

Worldwide, more than 50 billion packages sold every year will be discarded with enough product remaining inside to fill 110,000 semi-trucks, according to LiquiGlide’s research.

That leads some recyclers to reject the messy containers. But since all product is “evacuated” from packages using LiquiGlide, recycling centers could potentially accept much more, creating what Swiss American calls a “win-win” solution.

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