Recycling For A Cause: Re-Teck Turns E-Waste Into Charitable Giving

Re-Teck's three Grand Prairie facilities recycle e-waste—things like computers and cell phones—and donate a portion of proceeds to charities and ministries.

Making the world a better place is about more than just feeding the hungry or preserving the environment—especially for Re-Teck, a reverse supply chain management and recycling company that aims to do both.

Re-Teck, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Li Tong Group, uses reverse supply chain management to implement a “circular economy” that keeps obsolete electronics and equipment out of landfills, opting to instead recycle or refurbish the devices.

According to a study from Shyaam Ramkumar, knowledge and innovation manager at, an economy flourishes by making use of regenerative resources, recycled waste, well-managed supply chain technology, and partnerships.

Re-Teck recycling bin. [Image: Re-Teck]

In October, Re-Teck engaged more than 450 professionals from multiple nonprofit ministries across North Texas to debut its Recycling For A Cause program.

The organization later announced it is now supplying recycling bins at businesses, restaurants, and other organizations where people can dispose of their used electronics safely. The items are then recycled at one of three Grand Prairie facilities.

Collection bins can be found at Texas Trust Credit Union branches and the City of Arlington’s libraries, among other locations.

Revenues from these process are shared with the ministries, while simultaneously eliminating harmful e-waste from the environment. In addition, Re-Teck encourages businesses to participate in Recycling For A Cause by offering customers incentives like restaurant gift cards.

“The new Recycling For A Cause program is a great way to engage consumers in supporting their favorite charities while eliminating e-waste at the same time…” Li says. “Re-Teck ensures the highest levels of compliance and data security throughout the destruction and recycling process to anyone donating their electronics.”  

Not only does Re-Teck help the environment by recovering and regenerating materials, but the company also helps corporate clients make the most of manufacturing processes. The organization partners with manufacturers and businesses to help rethink design and processes, enabling them to recover and regenerate materials left over at the end of their products’ service life.

Electronics shredder with motherboard [Image: Re-Teck]

“It is our responsibility as leaders in the global economy to look further down the road and evaluate how we can make greater use of our resources,” says Linda Li, Chief Strategy Officer at Re-Teck. “One way to accomplish this is through reclaiming, refurbishing and re-purposing technology components.” 

One way Re-Teck has found success is by making reverse supply chain management more affordable. Employing a global network of certified third-party logistics, Re-Teck is redefining take-back, reverse logistics, transportation, data sanitation, parts harvesting and re-purposing.

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