Hypergiant’s Eos Bioreactor Is On Display at the Smithsonian’s FUTURES Exhibition

by | Dec 3, 2021
The Eos—a refrigerator-sized green energy solution powered by machine intelligence—captures and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere using algae. Hypergiant founder Ben Lamm, who's trying to bring back the woolly mammoth with his new startup Colossal, looks back at the development of Eos, and what it could mean for the world.
Hypergiant Industries Names Enterprise Tech Expert as CEO; Founder Ben Lamm Moves to Vice Chairman
by | May 18, 2021
Software executive Mike Betzer will lead the next phase of Hypergiant's growth, including a rollout of the industry's first system that provides open AI integration for building AI models.

Founder Ben Lamm, who launched Hypergiant from stealth in 2018, will pursue "the most pressing issues of our lifetime": AI for good, climate change, and the positive impact of technology. "This is where the world needs my time and attention," he says.
Hypergiant Industries Adds Former WiPro CEO Abidali Neemuchwala to its Executive Advisory Board
by | Dec 21, 2020
Neemuchwala will be joining an all-star advisory team that includes Bill Nye, a former astronaut, and a retired four star general among its ranks.
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The Art of Climate Tech: Fort Worth Museum Showcases Hypergiant’s AI-Powered, Carbon-Capturing Eos Bioreactor
by | Nov 10, 2020
The Eos Bioreactor, which also has been featured in Popular Mechanics, uses algae to "eat" CO2.

‘Minutes, Not Months’: Texas‑based Hypergiant Partners With United States Air Force on Satellites That Update in Real Time

by | Jun 30, 2020
A fleet of mini-satellites working together in space will update actions and tasks ‘on the fly’ based on emerging scenarios and mission needs, says CEO Ben Lamm. That’s something that’s never been done before. That ability to update, collect, and share data in space—in real time—is an evolution for defense and commercial use cases.
Space Innovation: Hypergiant’s New AI-Driven Remote Satellite Operations (aka H.I.V.E.) Keeps Eyes on the Sky
by | May 12, 2020
CEO Ben Lamm says the mission control software can operate entire satellite constellations from mobile phones in the field. That remote capability is particularly important for critical operations at government and commercial flight operation centers in a pandemic.
Hypergiant’s New AI Model Helps First Responders Prioritize During a Natural Disaster
by | Nov 4, 2019
"Disaster Mapping Systems" uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct real-time building damage assessments that show where relief is most needed. To pinpoint the locations, the open-source model allows government entities and companies to use satellite or drone imaging data.
‘Our Best Product Yet’: Hypergiant Has Futuristic Helmet in the Works
by | Aug 30, 2019
Firefighters, police, soldiers, and search and rescue teams may become safer than ever with Hypergiant's development of helmets featuring an interactive head-up display.

Hypergiant Industries Gains Funding from Sumitomo Corp. of Americas, Perot Jain

by | Jun 5, 2019
The funding comes roughly a year after Hypergiant launched out of stealth—a year filled with growing revenue (eight figures in the first 12 months), A-list partnerships (Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Booz Allen, Nvidia), and launching three separate businesses under the parent company.
Interplanetary Internet: Hypergiant and Arch Mission Partner to Connect the Solar System
by | Mar 11, 2019
The two organizations plan to launch a series of satellites, starting in 2020, to serve as relay points in the Interplanetary Internet. Hypergiant's AI-driven Smart Satellite Platform allows for data to be continuously sent from Earth that is also easily retrievable in the case of a cataclysmic event.
Hypergiant Launches AI Into Space With New Division, Acquisition of SEOPS
by | Feb 5, 2019
The real benefactors from the intersection of space and AI are industries like oil and gas, energy, defense, and more, says Hypergiant founder Ben Lamm.
Sensory Sciences: Hypergiant’s New AI Startup Teaches Machines to ‘Learn How to Learn’
by | Nov 29, 2018
Hypergiant Sensory Sciences launched today as an independent company, but with connections to Hypergiant Industries. Founders Dave Copps and Chris Rohde say they intend to teach machines to sense the world more like we do.
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How Large Corporations, Nonprofits Face Challenges of New Technologies

by | Apr 6, 2018
Representatives from American Airlines, Pizza Hut, Hypergiant, and the United Way to Metropolitan Dallas talk about how digital innovation affects their organizations.
Ben Lamm, Will Womble, and John Fremon
AI Firm Hypergiant Officially Launches From Stealth
by | Feb 20, 2018
The venture from Ben Lamm, John Fremont, and Will Womble aims to serve as “the office of machine intelligence for the Fortune 500.”