Hypergiant’s Eos Bioreactor Is On Display at the Smithsonian’s FUTURES Exhibition

The Eos—a refrigerator-sized green energy solution powered by machine intelligence—captures and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere using algae. Hypergiant founder Ben Lamm, who's trying to bring back the woolly mammoth with his new startup Colossal, looks back at the development of Eos, and what it could mean for the world.

Hypergiant is known for its innovative AI solutions. One of them could be so impactful in the fight against climate change, it’s now on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

The Texas-based AI solutions company—which has offices in Dallas, Austin, and Houston, and was founded by Dallas’ Ben Lamm—launched the Eos Bioreactor in 2019. The refrigerator-sized green energy solution captures and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere using algae and machine intelligence.

One of the Eos Bioreactors is now on display in the FUTURES Exhibition at the Smithsonian’s Arts & Industries Building.

Hypergiant Eos Bioreactor [Image: Hypergiant]

“I’ve spent the past 20 years developing and scaling exciting technologies, filing patents, and building new technologies,” Lamm wrote on LinkedIn. “But this is the first piece that will be on display as part of a major museum exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution—although (hint!) I hope it won’t be the last.”

FUTURES is a nearly 32,000-square-foot display of new immersive site-specific art installations, interactives, working experiments, inventions, speculative designs, and “artifacts of the future.” The exhibition also includes historic objects and discoveries from 23 of the Smithsonian’s museums, major initiatives, and research centers. 

Ben Lamm Hypergiant

Hypergiant Founder Ben Lamm [Image: Hypergiant]

Lamm says the exhibition “is dedicated to a topic I’m passionate about: the FUTURE or the many FUTURES that are possible when we use our imagination to collectively break down problems and solve global issues together.”

Since stepping down as Hypergiant CEO last May (he was replaced by new president, CEO, and board member Mike Betzer), Lamm has served on Hypergiant’s board while taking on an exciting new enterprise—bringing back the woolly mammoth with his new biosociences startup Colossal. But the Smithsonian news spurred him to post about the work that went into the Eos.

Hypergiant’s Eos Bioreactor at the Smithsonian [Photo: Ben Lamm/LinkedIn]

The Eos sequesters carbon using AI and robotics

As he attempts to bring back a creature from the distant past, Lamm notes that Eos could be a part of ensuring a greener, healthier future.

Lamm says the FUTURES exhibition is filled with ideas from people “who collectively believe that we can solve anything that stands in the way of our commitment to a better world.”

“The Eos started with this very idea: to create a better world,” he writes on LinkedIn. “To do so we sought to develop a product to sequester carbon using artificial intelligence and robotics. Our product succeeded in proving out our thesis and won numerous design and innovation awards along the way.”

“It’s a product of a great team from our R&D leaders, to our data scientists and every person at the company who has wanted to not just make cool things, but make cool things that solve the greatest challenges facing humanity,” he adds.

Hypergiant says the Eos will help solve the CO2 problem “by sequestering carbon more rapidly and more efficiently than trees,” as each super-boosted algae bioreactor is “400 times more effective at capturing carbon than trees in the same unit area.”

By using machine intelligence to constantly monitor and manage air flow, the amount and type of light, available CO2, temperature, pH, biodensity, and harvest cycles, the Eos is able to maintain perfect conditions for maximum carbon sequestration, the company says.

For a deeper look at the Eos, see this short video

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