‘Our Best Product Yet’: Hypergiant Has Futuristic Helmet in the Works

Firefighters, police, soldiers, and search and rescue teams may become safer than ever with Hypergiant's development of helmets featuring an interactive head-up display.

From partnering with Booz Allen Hamilton to announcing a star-studded advisory board to gaining funding from major companies, Hypergiant Industries has had a major year so far. Now, the Texas-based company is developing a new helmet prototype that’s earning comparisons to Iron Man, with features including a HUD, night vision, infrared imaging, and augmented reality-style overlays. 

The AI products and services company’s latest development is called Project Orion, and is expected to have four main functions: classify, detect, mask, and highlight. These features may seem simple, but the company’s goal is for the helmet prototype to provide increased safety for law enforcement, firefighters, and even the military.

“For years, I’ve patented products to help improve the lives of people fighting for our country,” Hypergiant CEO Ben Lamm, Hypergiant’s CEO, said in a statement. “Project Orion is, in my opinion, our best product yet, specifically designed to ensure that soldiers and those entering dangerous environments have the tools needed to be kept safe.”

In order to provide that safety, the high-tech helmet is expected to offer a 200 degree field of vision, sensors for infrared, night vision, and thermal imaging, informational overlays, hand tracking and gesture inputs, automated data aggregation, and more.

What Project Orion’s Iron Man-esque display may look like. [Image: Courtesy Hypergiant Industries]

Despite the variety of features contained in Project Orion, it’s designed to be as quick and lightweight as possible. Project Orion’s main detection module would typically take a significant amount of computational power, but Hypergiant has made it more efficient with a much smaller amount of coding.  

“In times of stress and when lives are on the line, more data is not helpful. What is most helpful is decision-quality integrated information presented at the right place, at the right time. The results could mean more lives saved and mission accomplished!” Lance Lord, a retired four star general and an advisory board member for Hypergiant, said in a statement.

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Along with Project Orion’s internal functions, external data such as GPS information, task updates, and access to other peoples’ helmets will be able to be integrated. 

This isn’t Hypergiant’s first foray into helmet tech—last May, the Austin-based company announced another helmet with HUD tech. That time though, it was for astronauts and known as “HyperVSR.” 

Project Orion may seem like tech for the future, but it is being considered for development as soon as next year, along with other Auto Display tech.

Hypergiant Industries also has offices in Dallas, Houston, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., along with its Austin headquarters.

Project Orion is expected to offer thermal, night vision, and infrared imaging, among other features. [Image: Courtesy Hypergiant Industries]

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