The Last Word: Spacee’s Skip Howard On the Rapid Rise of Generative AI in Knowledge Work

Dallas-based Spacee brings next-gen retail tech to life with virtual touchscreens and “invisible” inventory robots powered by AI. Its founder's insights lead him to believe knowledge work is being quickly replaced by generative AI.
The Last Word: Skiles Group CEO Keyan Zandy On Quality Over Quantity
by | Dec 12, 2023
Zandy, who won a "Pioneer" award for lean construction in October, developed a crisis management tool for construction that's earned him two patents as well as awards from Constructech Vision and AGC. He shares his thoughts on redefining success for 2024 in an option piece on D CEO.
Meet the Finalists: The Innovation Awards 2024, Presented by Dallas Innovates and D CEO
by | Oct 13, 2023

Dallas Innovates and D CEO are proud to announce the finalists for its fifth annual Innovation Awards. The program honors companies, CEOs, CIOS, CTOs, entrepreneurs, and other leaders who are helping to make Dallas-Fort Worth an innovation hub....

The Last Word: Jeff Ellerman on Why Dallas’ 50-Mile Loop Will Become One Famous Trail
The Loop Dallas—a 50-mile, $120 million urban bike trail with a goal of uniting neighborhoods around much of the city’s core—is turning what Ellerman calls "a spaghetti map of trails" into one big soaring loop he says will one day be known by all.

The Last Word: Grata’s Patrick Brandt on the Lure and Challenge of Running Startups

by | Mar 7, 2023
In December, we told you about a $6 million seed funding round at Grata, a Dallas-based online platform that enables customers to deliver gratitude and recognition to a brand’s frontline employees in real time. With Grata now operating in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida at companies like Tex-Mex restaurant Mesero and First United Banks, Brandt aims to start raising up to $25 million in a Series A toward the end of this year, D CEO says.
The Last Word: Outside CLO Founder Amy Osteen on How She Chooses Projects
Osteen is featured in D CEO's September issue in its "Off Duty" section, which looks at the personal lives of local business leaders.  Writing on LinkedIn, she says one reason she's working is for her "off duty"—and shares how that informs which projects she takes on.
The Last Word: TatumTek’s Edwin D. Tatum on Modular Home Construction
by | Jul 12, 2022
Tatum told D CEO he got the idea for his modular construction firm after he stopped playing pro basketball in Latin America and started investing in residential construction.  “I became frustrated with the change orders, inspection process, and delayed times. I distinctly remember telling myself, ‘There has to be another way.’" Tatum told D CEO. Today his company can build a home in eight to 16 weeks, and do it more sustainably, he says, with a forecast of over $50 million in revenue this year.
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D CEO’s Upcoming Event to Feature Female Tech and Innovation Leaders
by | Feb 11, 2021
The virtual multi-platform event, which hosts panelists from Capital One, Samsung, Imprimis Group, and CASPR Group, has been rescheduled for Feb. 24.

Meet the 46 Winners and Finalists from Dallas Innovates’ and D CEO’s 2020 Innovation Awards

by | Jan 17, 2020
Here are the companies and leaders driving innovation in North Texas.
Knock currently operates in five markets, with plans to expand and grow moving forward. [Photo: Courtesy Knock]
Knock-Knock: Real Estate Startup With a Trade-In Platform Expands To Dallas-Fort Worth
by | Nov 1, 2018
Co-founder Sean Black says Knock has found its niche in residential real estate because it's the only company doing a trade-in—and, it'll do everything for you.
On Tap: DWE Women’s Expo, Business For Breakfast & SOLUNA International Festival
Browse our curated selection of events to plan your next week — and beyond.
Dallas Entrepreneur Muse Launches $10M Fund
by | Jun 13, 2016
Dallas entrepreneur Alexander Muse has launched Sumo Ventures, a new early stage investment fund starting at $10 million.