Blue Cross Blue Shield

Building a Better Tomorrow: United Way Dallas, Social Impact Firm Name 11 Nonprofits to Collaborative Cohort

by | Feb 23, 2021
The group will develop innovative solutions to remove barriers to obtaining living-wage jobs for Black and Latinx adults.
west end
‘High-tech Park’ from NY High Line Designer Coming to Dallas’ West End
by | Aug 16, 2018
The West End Plaza at Market and Corbin streets is part of the ongoing developments in the neighborhood where the Dallas Innovation Alliance is piloting smart cities tech.
Where ‘Big D’ Stands for Digital
by | Jan 17, 2018
Dallas’ economy is powered by app and software development.
Blue Cross Blue Shield C1: Innovation Lab in the West End Dallas, Texas. Photo by Quincy Preston for Dallas Innovates.

How the C1 Innovation Lab Landed in Dallas’ West End

by | Oct 25, 2017
One meeting would change the trajectory of Dallas’ Historic West End and shape the creation of what would become Blue Cross Blue Shield's C1 Innovation Lab.
healthcare cybersecurity [ Illustration: nicescene via istockphoto ]
HITRUST Offers Health-Care Risk Management Training
by | Aug 3, 2017
A new program featuring 50 town hall-style events aims to encourage healthcare organizations of all sizes to collaborate to improve cyber resilience.
Comeback of the Corridor: The Rousing Revival of Richardson
by | May 30, 2017
The telecom bust of nearly 20 years ago rattled Richardson. Go there now and you’ll find a city in midst of an awakening built on redevelopment, marketing, perseverance, and a revised real estate tool box.
innovation lab
Blue Cross Offers Details on $2.5M West End Innovation Lab
by | Jan 20, 2017
The insurer will renovate 32,000 square feet of space in the former home of Brown Cracker & Candy Co.

Signposts of Innovation: Identify, Overcome Barriers

by | Nov 3, 2016
In Part 2 of our series, panelists talk about how their companies have overcome the challenges associated with innovation.
Lane Sorgen, Mark McSpadden, Cindy O’Shea, and Dr. Paul Hain
Signposts of Innovation: 6 Key Strategies Detailed
by | Oct 25, 2016
In Part One of our series, Signposts of Innovations panelists addressed ways that their companies encourage innovation, and ways to create an innovative culture.
Signposts of Innovation:
What Impacts Your Company?
by | Oct 5, 2016
Attendees at the Signposts of Innovation event said a lack of time to innovate is the biggest barrier at their companies.
Old Parkland
Innovative Use of Dallas’ Limited Space
by | May 12, 2016
Although reuse and redevelopment has been around forever, there are good examples, bad examples – and innovative examples.