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‘Future of Golf’: PGA of America, T-Mobile Partner on 5G Wireless Innovation
by | Nov 6, 2023
A new 5G hybrid network at PGA of America's Frisco HQ aims to boost golf coaching with enhanced analytics and AR-enabled visual aids. Also coming to the HQ: a "broadcasting and content innovation hub" that could change how millions see the game, from 5G-connected POV drones to small 5G cameras spread all over a course. "I think each year you'll see innovations coming that just bring you closer to the action," PGA of America Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Price tells Dallas Innovates.
Supercharging Performance: MassChallenge Seeks Tech Innovators for Human Potential Sprint in Dallas
by | Aug 18, 2023
MassChallenge will assemble human performance and sports tech innovators to redefine the bounds of the human condition in a new six-week, high-intensity program. Target technologies are applications in biotech, defense, healthcare, space, and sports.

Applications for the Dallas-based cohort are open through September 7.
The Last Word: NREL’s Stan Young on ‘Digital Wayfinding’ at DFW Airport
In a report aiming to help Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport achieve net-zero carbon emissions, Young and his NREL research team found a surprising pathway to airport energy savings: "digital wayfinding technologies." Technology including phone app-based "augmented reality navigation" can help travelers move through facilities more efficiently, with autonomy, while also helping people with reduced mobility. 

Ascent Ventures Makes Pre-Seed Investment in Canadian AI-Development Pioneer

by | Feb 7, 2023
OVA is a pioneer in AI-enabled immersive software technology development. It works with industry leaders from around the world who are looking to transform their business with spatial and immersive computing, AI, augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality.
Exclusive: Spacee, the Dallas-Based Computer Vision and AR Startup, Adds Former Best Buy CEO to Its Advisory Board
Bringing 36 years of experience from his Best Buy days, Brad Anderson isn't just joining Spacee's advisory board. He's also investing in the startup—which aims to transform retail businesses with its HoverTouch interactive experiences, while helping industries track inventories with its Deming shelf-mounted robots. "I was attracted to the company’s learners and adapters," Anderson tells Dallas Innovates. "They're a team of people that when you have a problem, they are unencumbered in their ability to innovate to solve the problem."
Retail, Tech, and Innovation Leaders Join North Texas AR Startup’s New Advisory Board
by | Apr 6, 2022
Spacee, a computer vision- and AI-powered augmented reality company, has unveiled a new three-person advisory board in a moment that founder and CEO Skip Howard calls “critical.”
Dallas-Based AR Startup ARKH Signs 50/50 Joint Venture With UK-based Litho
by | May 24, 2021
22-year-old ARKH CEO Landon Nickerson—who earned millions as a YouTube gamer—will now exclusively sell Litho's controllers under his ARKH brand, which has raised $5.7 million in funding to date.
M2 Studio's Michael Potts uses Spatial for augmented reality and business collaboration. The AR/VR tool can turn any room into a 3D workspace, according to Spatial. [Image: via M2 Studio]

How Augmented, Virtual Reality Bridges the Business Travel Gap in Age of COVID

by | Jun 29, 2020
"It’s clear that augmented reality remote collaboration is the future of business communication," says Dallas-based M2 Studio's Michael Potts. The self-described holographic architect has built AR/VR experiences for Klyde Warren Park, Texas Health Resources, and more. But the technology can apply to all types of businesses.
Jobs of the Future: The Hottest Areas of Tech Education
by | Feb 3, 2020
Here's a list of some of the area’s most exciting programs, with the universities across North Texas that are shaping the talent of the future.
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Giant Inflatable Lungs Will Give an Interactive Look at Lung Cancer During Fort Worth Visit
by | Nov 1, 2019
LungXperience features 14-foot-tall, 9-foot-wide inflatable lungs that visitors can walk through while carrying smart devices triggering a series of interactive modules.
Emerging Tech: Meet the Women Driving DARQ Power in Dallas
by | Apr 4, 2019
Hear from the women leading innovation in distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, and extended reality (VR/AR), and quantum computing in North Texas.

Early Adopters: Accenture Survey Puts Dallas Ahead of the Pack in Emerging Tech

by | Feb 22, 2019
When it comes to blockchain, AI, and extended reality, Dallas proves better than most in adopting new, cutting-edge technologies.
DHD Films Shows Off Group VR in Dallas Showcase
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business graduate Hussain Manjee's company, DHD Films, has partnered up to bring a group virtuality experience to the masses.
Project Runway: New Innovation Officer Tackles Travel Roadblocks at Dallas Fort Worth Airport
by | Jan 25, 2019
Biometric scanning, virtual reality, and augmented reality are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving the airport experience, says Dallas Fort Worth Airport's Chief Innovation Officer.
Elbit Systems’ Military Gear May Seem Like Science Fiction, But It’s Real-World Tech
by | Nov 2, 2018
Elbit Systems' tech — such as its IronVision head-mounted display technology — allows military forces to be operational anywhere in the world, under any type of conditions.