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Melbourne O'Banion, Bestow

Meet the Innovators: How Melbourne O’Banion and Bestow Are ‘Bringing Technology to an Antiquated Industry’

by | Aug 27, 2019
O’Banion is the co-founder and CEO of Bestow, the 'first truly modern way to buy life insurance' that provides families the resilience they need after the loss of a loved one. Soon to be announced for the mission-driven company is new partnerships, more product offerings, and a foundation.
Meet the Innovators: Dale Carman, Groove Jones
by | Mar 4, 2019
Dale Carman says great augmented and virtual reality has the potential to trigger your "lizard brain into believing what you see is real." He and his team at Groove Jones want to do just that with projects such as the new Dallas Mavericks’ AR mural of player Luka Doncic in downtown Dallas.
Skip Howard, CEO and Founder of Spacee, was photographed at Tyler Station in Dallas’ Oak Cliff. [Image, Skyler Fike; Carniverous plant, Texas Triffid Ranch]
Meet the Innovators:
Skip Howard, Spacee
by | Feb 22, 2019
Skip Howard loves technology that has the potential to change the world for the better. He's doing just that as the CEO and founder of Spacee, a post-mobile augmented reality startup that's revolutionizing the retail industry.
Christopher Brown, CEO of Modular, a provider of digital asset solutions to the banking sector, and cofounder of Zabo, a new fully digital bank that will launch in 2019.
Meet the Innovators: Christopher Brown, Modular and Zabo
In between the tech buzzwords—crypto, AI, AR—there's real work going on, Modular CEO Christopher Brown says.

Meet the Innovators:
Corey Clark, BALANCED Media Technology

Collectively, Clark and his team have started a number of tech and gaming companies in the region, have strong ties to SMU, and see Dallas-Fort Worth as primed to be the next big technology center in the country. They want to be leaders in that mission.
Meet the Innovators: Brig. Gen. Michael W. Miller, Viziz Technologies
For Miller, Viziv's mission to “Power the Planet and Bring Light to the World” has more to do with improving the quality of life for people everywhere than it does with any specific aspect of our technology.
26 North Texas Innovators Who Are The Future Today
Here are the men and women forging the future of tech that has the potential to change the world.