#SaaSTalentNow: Gregslist Launches List to Highlight Local Tech Talent Seeking Jobs

Greg Head, a DFW-based software industry veteran with 30 years of experience, is working to help others during the COVID-19 crisis by curating a list of people looking for employment in the software industry.

A few months ago, we told you about Greg Head, an ex-Infusionsoft executive who is now the CEO of Southlake-based Scaling Point. At the time, Head was working to keep track of DFW’s ever-expanding list of software companies with the launch of Gregslist DFW. 

But in the new, fast-evolving environment and economic instability that comes with the coronavirus pandemic, the Gregslist team has turned to a new list: #SaaSTalentNow, a curation of people with software industry experience who are actively looking for full-time employment or part-time contract work.

“Just a month ago, software companies were fighting to find and recruit top talent. Now many software companies are fighting for their own survival, especially software companies that serve affected industries like hospitality, travel, and retail,” Head told Dallas Innovates via email.

Head originally announced #SaaSTalentNow through a LinkedIn post and was surprised by the amount of responses he quickly received. In just three days, more than 40 people asked to join, with an average of 13 years of management or executive-level experience. Most likely, the major response is due to layoffs, cutbacks, and canceled projects that have already begun in the software industry as a result of COVID-19.

“Software companies with recurring revenues have not been hit as hard in this rapid economic pullback as restaurants, hotels and other businesses, but they are not immune to negative revenue impact,” Head says. “I have spoken with dozens of software CEOs this week. SaaS companies on Gregslist have pulled back spending and slowed hiring, especially smaller software companies.”

Thankfully, there are still many software and SaaS companies looking for tech talent right now, as Gregslist’s other new list #SaaSHiringNow highlights. defi SOLUTIONS, Mede Analytics, and Lightbeam Health Solutions are among the North Texas companies with current job postings.

“Layoffs are just beginning in the software industry, while some tech companies are still hiring. This isn’t like the dot-com bust of 2001 that affected every tech company,” Head says. “There are clearly tech winners and losers in this crisis.”

As the CEO of Scaling Point, Head also helps startups and early-stage software companies find the leverage point in their businesses to drive growth. Along with the lists, Head is using his professional experience as a consultant, advisor, and mentor to help others through this time. 

“I am providing free mentoring and advice to CEOs who are reaching out to me. I have talked to 30+ CEOs of early-stage software companies in the last week,” Head says.

Gregslist is also in Salt Lake City, Chicago, and its original Phoenix location. Currently on Gregslist DFW, there are 419 active software companies that employ an estimated 35,922 people, according to Head. Of the current list of companies, 55 percent are self-funded, while 16 percent have VC funding.

The list is expected to include more than 500 companies this summer, with 20 to 30 companies being added each month.

Anyone seeking a job with experience in the software industry can apply to join the #SaaSTalentNow list here.

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