Number Crunching: How Toyota’s New HQ Adds Up

When you do the math, the new Toyota headquarters in Plano produces some pretty staggering numbers.


Toyota is best known for building cars and trucks but its new North American headquarters in Plano is a modern marvel itself.

The Dallas Morning News posted a fun by-the-numbers look at the new 2 million-square-foot headquarters, which opens in late April.  Here are just a sampling, one number at a time:

  • The site has 1,800 to 2,000 construction workers on site every day.
  • It will be powered by a 7.75 megawatt solar power system.
  • Workers have put in 4.6 million man hours into building the headquarters so far.
  • There’s 17,000 tons of reinforced steel, roughly as much as needed for 1,7000 Dallas city buses.
  • The glass exterior has more than 12 acres of glass, the equivalent of 49,925 Toyota Tacoma windshields.
  • There’s 1,220 tons of Texas limestone, the equivalent weight of of 340 “Texas-built” 1794 Edition Toyota Tundra trucks..
  • The headquarters cost an estimated $350 million.

“It’s the single biggest project we’ve ever done in a single phase,” Mike Rosamond, executive vice president of KDC, the commercial development firm that’s building the campus, told The News. “Toyota set a high-water mark for us.”

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