ExamSoft, a Provider of Anti-Cheating Tech, Experiences Growth In an Age Of Online Education

The Dallas-based education tech company went from having eight customers to 500 using one of its education monitoring products in the span of a few months.

Last March, classes across the country pivoted to an online format on short notice and pushed testing into digital disorder, causing companies like ExamSoft, an education tech company with a secure testing solution, to become more essential than ever.

Used by institutions of higher education and licensure programs, ExamSoft’s software enables secure testing on student computers by blocking access to programs, files, and Internet assistance during the test.

The mission of long-distance integrity has arrived at the forefront as COVID-19 continues to change the examination process. ExamSoft CTO Mike Mitrione presented the company’s tactics with newfound clientele during the webinar “Pivoting During A Pandemic” on June 10.

“When we started 2020, one of our focuses was trying to disrupt the online education space through our exam monitor technology, which we had just finished beta in March with eight customers on it,” Mitrione said during the event. “By the end of May, we had almost 500 programs using this new product, so it’s been quite a change for us in scaling.”

Mitrione contends that ExamSoft’s reputation of blocking a test taker’s ability to cheat precedes it, which is his reasoning as to why the company’s services are in such high-market demand at a time when even the bar exam is being taken remotely.

“While we have well-known core values of efficiency through data-driven decisions so that we may facilitate accreditation, what we’re most notorious for is our assessment integrity,” Mitrione said. “We are trying to make sure that people who are studying reap the benefits and those people who aren’t willing to put in the study time are blocked from being successful in their assessments.”

“This is quite a challenge,” he continued. “I swear if some of these people would put the amount of effort into learning as they put into cheating, they would do amazing.”

Mitrione specifically mentioned two examination solutions that, when combined, create the most secure assessment platform on the network, according to him.

“The first product is a Cloud-based management platform where the questions are crafted, graded, and analyzed. The other side is our Examplify product, which is an offline, client-side application that blocks all scheduled tasks and prevents anything from launching via a lockdown of Internet access.”

At the conclusion of his presentation, Mitrione underscored the importance of corporate planning and prevention as the best strategy when pivoting during a pandemic.

“For us, even prior to the pandemic moving education into an online space, we had ideas to disrupt laziness in online testing,” Mitrione said. “Thinking ahead, we worked to provide tools that allow remote programs to have exam integrity before the national emergency.”

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