Dallas Startup Week: Day 3 Roundup Coverage


#DSW16 runs through April 16

Dallas Startup Week began on Tuesday, and various media outlets have been writing about it. We know there’s a lot going on, and we’re here to keep you on top of it all. We’ve scoured the web, and compiled some good reading about #DSW16 online and on social media. Here’s our roundup of what you shouldn’t miss from Thursday, April 14.

Dallas Innovates:
Dallas Startup Week: Session Looks at Visual Side of Business
Dallas Startup Week: Is Transportation Up to Speed?
Dallas Startup Week: DFW is ‘Nexus’ for Innovation in Virtual Reality

Dallas Morning News:
Female and minority entrepreneurs make their voices heard during Dallas Startup Week

#DSW16 What They Said

“One of the things I find very intriguing about the Dallas
healthcare investment market is that I’ve found that there are more family offices
and alternative investment vehicles that are interested in healthcare and the
health space than in other markets.” – Hal Rose

“Everything that you’re used to seeing in terms of media is a rectangle. With VR, the world surrounds you 100 percent, 360 degrees in all directions. It can trick your brain into thinking you’re in a different location. Now, you can travel the world in a game.” – Nick Decarlo

“I’ll see stuff with a lot of noise.  I’m always trying to help and train people to do visual models. I’m going to turn this into a teaching tool. I love teaching. I love sharing.” – Stephen Anderson

#DSW16 Social Media

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