Dallas Startup Week: Day 2 Roundup Coverage


#DSW16 runs through April 16

Dallas Startup Week began on Tuesday, and various media outlets have been writing about it. We know there’s a lot going on, and we’re here to keep you on top of it all. We’ve scoured the web, and compiled some good reading about #DSW16 online and on social media. Here’s our roundup of what you shouldn’t miss from Wednesday, April 13.

Dallas Innovates:
Dallas Startup Week: The Reward of ‘Gamification’

The Dallas Morning News:
Entrepreneurs assemble! Shark Tank meets shop talk at Dallas Startup Week
Investor to Dallas Startup Week audience: You have to be willing to bet the house

D Magazine Frontburner:
Raising Capital Locally a Popular Topic at Dallas Startup Week

Tech Cocktail:
10 Hot Dallas Startups Share the Best Parts of Starting Up in Dallas

KERA Breakthroughs:
Dallas Startup Week Focuses On Health Tech Innovation

#DSW16 What They Said

“I am a part of this community because our company, while still being in the startup phase itself, works primarily with new businesses to help determine and solidify their brand. I’m looking forward to familiarizing myself with downtown Dallas. I have only lived in the downtown area for two weeks, and what better way to integrate myself into the community, than to explore different venues and sessions during Dallas Startup Week.” – Robin Ball, founder, RLHBall

“I constantly seek to improve not only my product but myself as an entrepreneur, and there’s no better place than a startup community to achieve both. A booming economy and central geographical location will soon catapult Dallas into the national startup spotlight.” – David Calvert, founder and CEO, BackVert

“In early 2013, the startup scene in Dallas was still a distant dream. Over the past three years I’ve watched investment flow in for seed stage companies, entrepreneurs take risks, and a community rally around the potential for an unbelievably supportive ecosystem. All three of these things are critical to our success and unity in Dallas. The number of motivated individuals participating in Dallas Startup proves how far this city has come in a short time.” – Shaun Moore, co-founder and CEO, Chui

Favorite quotes from @: “UX Experience is critical” and “Services are quickly becoming a commodity.”

: “Especially in Dallas … you’re one or two degree connected to all of us who are investing. Use that.”
: “Your lawyer, banker, accountant should all be making intros. If not you probably don’t have the right one.”

“We’ve learned because we lost everything.” Jody Wall of @ at @ @

“Have a specific ask” – @

#DSW16 Social Media

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