Does Artificial Intelligence Augment Reality or Replace it?

Digital Dallas, Fight 5 | Joel Fontenot (Trailblazer Capital) vs Brad Rossacci (900 lbs)

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Editor’s note: Dallas Innovates is the media sponsor for Digital Fight Club on Aug. 24. According to Digital Dallas’ Michael Pratt, Digital Fight Club will bring together 10 of the sharpest minds in Dallas in five “fights” to spar on the hotbed of undecided topics in digital technology. Judging the rounds will be a panel of subject matter experts hailing from some of Texas’ top brands, he says. 

Does artificial intelligence augment reality or replace it? Then what is “augmented reality?” Wait… How are Pokemon Go and AI even mentioned in the same sentence? How can there ever be a “business” with this Pokemon business. Surely, the world of AR is confined to cute games and such, right? Is AI already creating an AR world for us each time we look at our photos? What is actually influencing our decisions, reality or a programmed (augmented) reality?

The final, “mystery round” has been revealed:

Digital Fight Club will welcome Joel Fontenot of Trailblazer Capital (who throws a lot of coin into AI and AR based companies)  and Brad Rossacci of 900lbs of Creative (who spends his days crafting these augmented “realities”) to help us understand this crazy world of real and augmented real and throw some reality on where it’s headed.

Methinks they don’t see eye-to-eye.



Fight Club

Digital Dallas: Bell Ready to Ring for Digital Fight Club
Digital Fight Club will be at the Granada Theater.

The Refs

Photos via Digital DallasDigital Fight Club: Who’s Calling the Shots?
Meet the Refs.

 The Fight Card

Fight1_DigitalDallasArt_dicarlo_carmanFight 1:
Virtual Reality: Nick DiCarlo (Samsung) vs Dale Carman (Groove Jones)



Fight 2:
IoT: Scott Harper (Dialexa) vs Nathan Huntoon (Pepsi/Frito-Lay)



Fight 3:
Digital Content: Mike Orren (Speakeasy) vs Michael Sitarzewski (Launch DFW)


Fight4-DigitalDallas_FIGHT_CLUBFight 4:
Big Data: Good or Evil?: John Keehler (SMU) vs Dina Light-McNeely (The Marketing Arm)


Photo via Digital Dallas Fight 5: 
Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence: Joel Fontenot (Trailblazer Capital) vs Brad Rossacci (900 lbs) 

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