Arlington Architectural Acoustics Maker Fräsch Launches 3D Series Of Origami-Inspired Wall Tiles

After being acquired by Catalyst Acoustics Group earlier this year, Fräsch has released new sustainable acoustics solutions through the CUBISM Series. The company's modern designs that absorb noise pollution add funky flare to commercial spaces at the intersection of design, value, and wellness.

We first told you about unique furniture company Fräsch and its special attention to absorbing noise pollution in 2018. Since then, the company has been acquired by Catalyst Acoustics Group, a portfolio of acoustic, seismic, vibration, and noise control companies.

Despite the acquisition, Arlington-based Fräsch has continued to create innovative designs, with its latest being a new line of interior products called the CUBISM Series. Furthering Fräsch’s mission to enhance the visual style of any space, the series is inspired by origami and features a patent-pending Secret Trap Door design for easy installation and unique noise control. 

Marketing manager Laura Bute says the series, designed by Fräsch co-founder Gary Nightingale, is another manifestation of Fräsch constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to acoustic design. 

“Through this folding method and the artistry of origami, we were inspired to create a product that was not only beautiful but also effective,” Bute says. 

The CUBISM Series contains wall panels made out of Polyethylene Terephalate (PET) acoustical felt that is folded to create three-dimensional geometry without using any excess material. Updating the traditional compressive molding style of soundproofing, the CUBISM series uses a folding technique to maintain the integrity of the PET, which is made of recycled plastic water and soda bottles.

This design creates a hollow cavity that enhances the sound-absorbing properties of the application without the use of wasteful fill, according to a statement.

It’s also the only solution on the market featuring an easy install through Fräsch’s patent-pending Secret Trap Door design, according to a statement. The Secret Trap Door is a small flap cut into the material that allows for installation by drilling, rather than the conventional installation process of gluing. Once installed, the Secret Trap Door closes and becomes an unnoticeable part of the material. 

Fräsch currently offers 37 colors of various designs as well as custom work for office owners. CUBISM comes in four unique shapes—PILO, POLY, PYRA, and CLIF—that add a three-dimensional aspect to any space.

“We’re constantly thinking outside of the box and making sure that our designs are very customizable—you know every space is different,” Bute says. “All of our CUBISM tiles can be rotated or oriented in different ways to create a different aesthetic.” 

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