Dallas-Based American Leather Holdings Rebrands as Artisant Lane, Announces New EVP and Division President

by | Apr 13, 2023
The holding company serves as the corporate umbrella overseeing American Leather, BenchMade Modern, Brookline Furniture, and LEE Industries—a portfolio of furniture manufacturers that spans the residential, commercial, hospitality, rental, and vacation markets.
Arlington Architectural Acoustics Maker Fräsch Launches 3D Series Of Origami-Inspired Wall Tiles
by | Nov 9, 2020
After being acquired by Catalyst Acoustics Group earlier this year, Fräsch has released new sustainable acoustics solutions through the CUBISM Series. The company's modern designs that absorb noise pollution add funky flare to commercial spaces at the intersection of design, value, and wellness.
Not Your Dad’s Recliner: American Leather Unveils Innovation Lab Dedicated to Design
by | Aug 12, 2019
The furniture manufacturer's new innovation lab supports the company's commitment to industry-disrupting design. Take our photo tour of the facility to see the process come to life.
Dallas Startup Nickson Living is Making Moving Easy
by | Feb 27, 2019
Gone are the days of rallying your friends to help you pack and move. This Dallas startup does it all—from picking out your new furniture to setting up a move in-ready apartment.
Scout Design Studio in Dallas' Design District

Scout Design Growing Digital Presence For Eclectic Mix of Furniture, Accessories

by | Nov 6, 2017
The studio sources unique finds from around the globe and a couple of years ago introduced its own furniture collection, Scout Label.