Mission Critical: How an Irving-Based IoT Company Tracks Medical Equipment With a New 20-Mile Beacon

Apptricity says the bluetooth beacon can be "the difference between life and death." Healthcare professionals can track medical equipment to limit misplacement and cross contamination, as well as collect data for contact tracing.

It’s crucial moments that have the potential to save a life that keep companies like Apptricity chasing solutions for worldwide issues. That’s why the Irving-based company in global real-time asset management has created a 20-Mile Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth Beacon that enables industry professionals to easily locate medical materials necessary to save lives.

The Beacon defies previous developments, having the ability to stretch up to 20 miles long and cut through 20 stories high. This provides the medical industry with the ability to transmit data quickly and accurately, according to the company.

“Many of our global customers were struggling with the costs of tracking their expensive on-site equipment,” Garcia said. “When you add to that the equipment on ambulances that come in and out of healthcare facilities, the cost of satellite tags or LTE tags becomes prohibitive, especially with the amount of equipment that needs to be tracked.”

Trends in medical equipment have shifted with the transition to more portable equipment that reaches a wider variety of patients.

While these devices make treatment more accessible, it increases the risk of misplaced equipment, according to Apptricity. Not only does this endanger timely care of patients, but it also poses the risk of transmission of illnesses.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing equipment between rooms poses a threat to the health of neighboring patients. The bluetooth beacon, however, is aimed at keeping these machines organized and safe for the use of all patients.

The Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth Beacon is configurable, so versions can be created with or without GPS. There are multiple battery options to extend life, encryption settings, and signals to be tuned for energy savings, making what Apptricity calls a bespoke solution for healthcare facilities of all types.

“Our products are highly adaptable and provide 360-degree visibility for our clients, so they can make critical decisions in real time,” Garcia said. “Our solutions are built for the companies who have feet on the street or boots on the ground to help them operate effectively.”

In order to limit misplacement and cross contamination between equipment, Apptricity said its 20-Mile Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth tracks medical appliances so that data can be collected for contact-tracing. While tracing these products usually comes at a high cost, the 20-Mile Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth has the ability to track a wide range of devices that reduces expenses.

“Our new 20-Mile Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth is the perfect solution for healthcare facilities,” CEO Tim Garcia said in a statement.  “Time is of the essence in the medical profession. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff need to know where their equipment is at all times. Searching for these items during the most vital moments of treatment could be the difference between life and death.”

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