What Do Conan, TI, and the Fort Worth Museum Have in Common? Star Wars.

I’m on my way to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a second time (I know. I’m behind a few of you). But before I go, I wanted to point your attention to a couple ties that the franchise has to Dallas-Fort Worth.

I was watching Conan the other night, and saw the part where they brought on producer/fan Jordan Schlansky to ask Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams some questions about Star Wars. His first question had to do with the original lightsabers. In describing the sabers, he said something interesting: the originals had a Texas Instruments Exactra calculator LED bubblestrip. Apparently, it looked like this. You can see the rest of the segment below.

The other thing I wanted to point out was this article from Wired where they listed the seven best theaters to watch the movie in. The Omni at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History made the cut. The reasoning? According to the article, “The Omni has operated as an IMAX Dome theater since 1983, making it the first such theater in the southwest, and one of the only to continually update along with new IMAX technology.”

So, there you have it. Without TI, lightsabers wouldn’t have been what they are; and the best place to see them in all their glory is in Fort Worth.

And with that, we’re off to watch it again. May the force be with you.

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