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Thought Leaders: Bottle Rocket

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Click the image to read THOUGHT LEADERS on Issuu.

Bottle Rocket makes things that enhance life. Not just any life, but this new “connected life.” We leverage technology in new and innovative ways to create solutions that help people live their best life. Some of the world’s leading brands, like Coca-Cola, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and Chick-fil-A have relied on us to help them connect with customers and create custom digital and mobile experiences that truly impact people’s lives.

What do you mean by “connected life?”

In an always-on-the-go world, technology allows people to always be connected. Mobile phones are at the forefront of this phenomenon, but consider the advancement of televisions, assistants, watches, thermostats, even refrigerators. Your voice assistant can turn on your favorite music channel. Your refrigerator can text you your shopping list. Your television can fetch any TV show or movie you care to watch. Each of these connections continues to enhance the world around us and uncover the ever-growing potential of technology. We harness that potential and share it with the world.

What does innovation mean to you?

It’s our duty to stay at the forefront of what’s next, and in our world, that means continuous innovation. It’s more than just a buzz word. It’s our day to day and the heartbeat of our Rocketeers. We believe innovation is the result of curiosity and the desire to make a difference. Innovation is a strategic imperative we use to deliver relevant offerings to help our clients stay ahead of the competition. Innovation that rapidly turns into execution is our strength.

What’s next for Bottle Rocket?

In our 10-year history, technology hasn’t stayed the same, and neither have we. We will continue to harness the power of technology so brands can help customers unleash their full potential. Our products will continue to leave a lasting impression on users. And most importantly, we will continue to help the world’s most-loved brands stay right where they want to be: connected to those that love them. Our view of the future is optimistic, and we’re confident that the next ten years will be as fulfilling as the last.

This story first appeared in Dallas Innovates 2018, an annual magazine that showcases Dallas-Fort Worth as a hub of innovation. Read more about the region’s game changers, disruptors, creatives, and our new frontiers in the digital edition.

Bottle Rocket is a Silver Sponsor of Dallas Innovates. To learn more, visit us at or drop us a note at [email protected].




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