The Last Word: Eden Green’s Eddy Badrina on Why the Apple Vision Pro Could Become a ‘Standard’ Business Tool

“I think a more mature version will be standard in capital markets industry.”

Eddy Badrina
Eden Green Technology
.…on why a more mature Apple Vision Pro could become a “standard” business tool in the future, via LinkedIn.

Badrina, CEO of the North Texas-based indoor vertical farming company Eden Green, got a “test flight” of the new Apple Vision Pro spatial computing device. In a LinkedIn post, he said the device’s biggest weakness was having to calibrate it so when it tracks your eyes, it knows “exactly where your eyes are looking.” But once it’s calibrated, “it’s pretty legit,” he says, with “IMPRESSIVE” immersive videos and multi-tasking capabilities.

“At one point, I had Masters of the Air in one window, scrolling the NYT in another, with White Sands in the evening in the background,” Badrina wrote.

But its true market may be the business world, he believes.

“I think once you attach your keyboard or mouse (or anything Bluetooth), it gets really interesting,” he wrote. “I think a more mature version will be standard in capital markets industry. It makes a ton more sense than having six screens mounted in front of you, and anchored to one physical location.”

That tracks with what some others are saying, including the Wall Street Journal’s Christopher Mims. Offering his take on the $3,500 headset, Mims wrote, “Apple’s first face-based computer isn’t going to be the next iPhone. It’s going to be the next BlackBerry.”

You can read more in Mims’ article, titled “Apple’s New Face Computer Is for Work.”

And you can see Badrina’s post and some thoughtful comments on it here

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