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The Last Word: Eden Green’s Eddy Badrina on Why the Apple Vision Pro Could Become a ‘Standard’ Business Tool

by | Feb 14, 2024
Eddy Badrina, CEO of the North Texas-based indoor vertical farming company Eden Green, got a "test flight" of the new Apple Vision Pro spatial computing device. In a LinkedIn post, he said the device's biggest weakness was having to calibrate it so when it tracks your eyes, it knows "exactly where your eyes are looking." But once it's calibrated, "it's pretty legit," he says, with "IMPRESSIVE" immersive videos and multi-tasking capabilities.
The Last Word: How Dating Apps Are Being Used for Business Networking, Not Romance
by | Aug 21, 2023
Dating apps can be a great way to find romance. But increasingly, according to the Wall Street Journal, users are finding something else instead: business come-ons from tech recruiters, networkers, children's book authors, and more.
The Last Word: JLL’s Todd Burnette On How Fast Fort Worth is Expanding — ‘Even By Texas’ Standards’
$2.3 billion in real estate projects are in the pipeline or currently under construction in Fort Worth, said Todd Burnette, Managing Director at JLL, drawing parallels to Austin in the Wall Street Journal.
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Two Dallas Companies Make Deloitte and Wall Street Journal’s Second Annual U.S. Best Managed Companies List
by | Apr 19, 2021
Out of the 49 private businesses that made the list, only two came from Texas—and both are Dallas companies.
REX Real Estate

California’s REX Real Estate Plans Expansion into Dallas

by | Mar 9, 2018
REX Real Estate Exchange operates outside the multiple listing service and offers low fees for its services.
Flyp Nearing 2 Million Downloads of Phone App
by | Dec 19, 2017
The startup, which established a presence in Denton this year, allows people to use multiple numbers from one smart phone.