Technology Brings New Educational Opportunities to the Classroom

Technology in the classroom is important to a good education.

Technology in the classroom is not a new concept. These days, many schools have moved to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, where students are encouraged to bring a smartphone or tablet to their classroom to help them complete assignments and research subjects.

But beyond that, there are solutions that can give students, instructors and staff tools for richer learning, more effective teaching and efficient administration. From kindergarten through high school, technology is bringing new educational opportunities to the classroom.

Technology can help foster curiosity and collaboration a number of ways by making learning easier and more engaging for students, as well as helping teachers, parents and administrators work smarter. Through digital learning, students are given more options to succeed, despite their learning style or location. Online classes, virtual group projects, interactive presentations and other digital offerings can open new worlds of information. These digital learning solutions provide secure, easy access to learning applications from a variety of mobile devices and enhance collaboration. They can even be used to train teachers and staff in a more cost-effective way.

Schools also can use technology to create a secure integrated infrastructure for better communication between districts, schools and administrative offices. Using both traditional and wireless networks, schools can protect data by better preventing security breaches, manage what content students can access while on campus, and provide wireless backup to help stay connected.

Another key component to a connected campus is asset tracking, which helps schools keep tabs on important resources and even the students themselves. The right technology can provide location details to help determine whether a student made it onto the right bus, recover lost or stolen items, and easily manage lab and sporting equipment inventories.

Finally, technology can aid in school safety and awareness. School security and administration can keep watch on all areas of the campus using wireless cameras and can communicate critical information quickly and accurately to parents, teachers and other staff through automatic alerts.

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