Tech to Table: OneDine’s App-Based Restaurant Solution

Plano-based OneDine seeks to create a seamless experience for restaurants as well as their guests through its app 'designed by people in the restaurant industry, for people in the restaurant industry.'

OneDine restaurant

Over the past 22 years, Rom Krupp has worked in the restaurant tech industry, becoming an entrepreneur along the way. His latest venture is OneDine: an app-based table-side ordering and payment solution.

OneDine is functional for both restaurants and their diners through its all-in-one software. It’s available on tablets and smart watches for servers and managers to help operations run smoothly through table monitoring, operation insights, and more.

Customers can also download the OneDine app to order through a digital menu, pay restaurants through the app, and receive personalized recommendations.

OneDine is just beginning to launch in North Texas restaurants, but had an initial focus on the California market due to its higher labor costs. Over the holiday season, OneDine plans to pilot with 38 restaurant brands and when fully rolled out, the tech could be used in more than 10,000 restaurants.

Krupp’s restaurant tech history

Rom Krupp [Image: Courtesy OneDine]

OneDine notes that it is “designed by people in the restaurant industry, for people in the restaurant industry.” That takes into account Krupp’s two-decade background paired with OneDine’s CRO Vance Miller, who has more than 25 years of experience with restaurants and restaurant tech. 

Krupp spent his childhood and teenage years working on computers. In 1996, his passion for technology morphed into a career when his cousins wanted help automating their restaurant operations.

“I helped them evaluate several technologies and had my first exposure to the restaurant tech industry,” Krupp told Dallas Innovates via email. “One of the companies I helped them evaluate offered me a position and I decided to take it. Twenty-two years later, I’m still in the space.”

OneDine isn’t Krupp’s first entrepreneurial venture—in 2013, he created Marketing Vitals, an analytics company that intends to help restaurants understand the causes and impacts of changes in their restaurants. 

While working with restaurants through Marketing Vitals, Krupp recognized a need for restaurant ordering and payment technology. Thus, OneDine was born. Krupp believes his previous entrepreneurial experiences helped him make his new idea into a viable product.

“As an entrepreneur embarking on a new business venture, I was able to draw on lessons learned with a keener ability to identify red flags. From the moment we began building OneDine through every phase of development, I had both the confidence and agility to respond and reroute as needed,” Krupp says. “Too often, entrepreneurs will start a new business so focused on fulfilling their vision that they miss opportunities to pivot and ego gets in the way of changing directions. I was determined to approach every step with an open mind and surround myself with a strong team.”

OneDine is in the process of launching its Series A funding round, Krupp says. Along the way, the company also plans to create 30 more jobs.

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